Integumentary System: General Symptomatic Terms

  1. alopecia
    baldness; natural or unnatural deficiency of hair
  2. comedo
    a plug of sebum (oil) within the opening of a hair follicle

    • Includes:
    • - closed comedo (whitehead)
    • - open comedo (blackhead)
  3. closed comedo
    aka whitehead; below the skin surface with a white center
  4. open comedo
    aka blackhead; open to the skin surface with a black center caused by the presence of melanin exposed to air
  5. eruption
    appearance of a skin lesion
  6. erythema
    redness of skin
  7. pruritus
    severe itching
  8. rash
    a general term for skin eruption, most often associated with communicable disease
  9. skin pigmentation
    skin color due to the presence of melanin
  10. depigmentation
    loss of melanin pigmentation in the skin
  11. hypopigmentation
    areas of skin lacking color due to deficient amounts of melanin
  12. hyperpigmentation
    darkened areas of skin caused by excessive amounts of melanin
  13. suppuration
    production of purulent matter (pus)
  14. urticaria
    hives; an eruption of wheals on the skin accompanied by itch
  15. xeroderma
    dry skin
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