1. The nervous system is made up of _________, which are the functional and structural part of the N.S.
  2. 3 Types of Neurons
    • Sensory
    • Internurons
    • Motor
  3. Sensory neurons
    Found in sense organs, and pick up stimuli and sent it to the brain.
  4. Interneurons
    Found in the brain and spinal cord, relay information from the sensory neurons to the motor neurons
  5. Motor Neurons
    Found in the muscles and glands, and carry impules to muscles and causes them to react.
  6. 2 Main Divisions of the Nervous System
    • Central Nervous System
    • Peripheral Nervous System
  7. Central Nervous System
    Consists of the brain and spinal cord.
  8. Peripheral Nervous System
    Made up of nerves that branch out from the CNS to muscles, skin, internal organs, and glands
  9. 3 parts of neuron
    • Cell Body
    • Dendrites
    • Axon
  10. The____________recieves, interprets, and relays information
    Cell Body
  11. __________recieve and carry impulses to the cell body.
  12. An_____carries impulses awa from the cell body
  13. Synapse
    Junction between the axon of a neuron and the dendrites of other neurons that information crosses
  14. Neurotransmitters
    Small paricals that help carry information across the synapse.
  15. 2 Parts of CNS
    • Spinal Cord
    • Brain
  16. Spinal Cord
    About as big around as your index finger and 2 feet long. It containse 10 billion nerve cells. It is protected by the vertebrae.
  17. Brain
    Largest most completx part of nervous system, and is the bodies control center. It is protected by the skull.
  18. 3 parts of Brain
    • Cerebrum
    • Cerebellum
    • Brain Stem
  19. Cerebrum
    Largest part of the brian; controlls the ability to memorize, think, and learn; determines a person's intelligence and personality.
  20. Cerebellum
    Part of the brain that controlls and coordinates muscle activity; maintains balance
  21. Brain Stem
    Part of the brain that controlls the functions of the internal organs
  22. A______________ is a spontaneous action in which a message is sent to the spinal cord, is interpreted, and is responded to immediatley.
    Relex Action
  23. 4 types of problems that occur in the nervous system
    • Injuries (Concussion, contusion)
    • Degenerative Diseases (get worst over time-Alzheimers)
    • Communicable Diseases (can be spread from one to another-Meningitis)
    • Genetic Disorders (passed through heredity-Down Syndrome)
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