1. What do scalar quantities only have?
    A magnitude/size
  2. Vector quantities have a m______, d______ and a p___ of a_______
    • Magnitude
    • Direction
    • Point of application
  3. Speed is the r____ of c_____ of d______
    • Rate
    • Change
    • Distance
  4. Speed is a s____ quantity
  5. speed=
    • speed= total distance
    • total time
  6. For constant acceleration situations, the average speed is also equal to the a______ of the i____ and f____ speeds.
    average of the initial and final speeds
  7. s= ___ speed+____ speed
    • s= initial speed + final speed
    • 2
  8. Velocity is the r___ of c____ of d__________.
    Velocity is the rate of change of displacement.
  9. Velocity is s_____ in a given d_______
    Velocity is speed in a given direction
  10. Acceleration is the r____ of c_____ of v______
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    Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity
  11. acceleration=final __X___ - initial __X___
    • acceleration=final velocity - initial velocity
    • time
  12. Mass is a property of a body that ____ ____
    resists change
  13. Weight is a ____ on a ____ due to the ___________ ____ of the _____

    Words: force - mass - gravitational field - Planet
    • Weight is a force on a mass due to the gravitational field of the Planet
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  14. Weight c_____ from _____ to _____
    • Weight changes from planet to planet
    • Image Upload 3
  15. Weights can be compared using a b_____
  16. Weight=_____ x _______ ____ _______
    Weight=mass x gravitational field strength
    newtons OF COURSE
  19. Density is the _____ per unit ______
    Density is the mass per unit volume
  20. density= ______
    • mass
    • volume
  21. Density can represented by the letter _
    ρ or D
  22. Density is measured in __/___3 or g/m3
    Kg/m3 or g/cm3
  23. A force is a p___ or p___; it can change the s____, d______, and/or s____ of an object.
    • A force is a push or pull; it can change the shape, direction, and/or speed of an object.
    • Image Upload 4
  24. force=____ x ________
    force=mass x acceleration
  25. Load/ Hookes law
    load=sp___ c_____t x e______n
    load=spring constant x extension
  26. A moment is the t_____ affect of a f______.
    A moment is the turning affect of a force.
  27. Moment=f____ x p_________ d_________ from the pivot
    Moment=force x perpendicular distance from the pivot
  28. Moments are measured in _______ _______.
    Moments are measured in Newton metres (Nm)
  29. When there is no r_______t f____e AND no r______g t____ing a___t, a system is in e________m.
    When there is no resultant force AND no resulting turning affect, a system is in equilibrium.
  30. Work done=f____ x d______e in the direction of the force = change in e____y

    or W=Fd=ΔE
    Work done=force x distance in the direction of the force = change in energy

    or W=Fd=ΔE
  31. Work done is in _____
    Work done is in Joules (J)
  32. Momentum=m____ x v_____
    Momentum=mass x velocity

    or p=mv
  33. Kinetic energy is the e____ of a b_____ due to its m_____
    Kinetic energy is the energy of a body due to its motion
  34. Kinetic energy= 1/2 x m___ x v______2
    Kinetic energy= 1/2 x mass x velocity2
  35. Kinetic energy is measured in J_____ (J)
    Kinetic energy is measured in Joules (J)
  36. Gravitational potential energy is the e____ of a b____ due to its p____ in the gr_______ field.
    Gravitational potential energy is the energy of a body due to its position in the gravitational field.
  37. Gravitational energy=m____ x a________ due to g_______ x h_____ gained/lost
    Gravitational energy=mass x acceleration due to gravity x height gained/lost
  38. GPE=_ _ _
  39. GPE is in J____ (J)
    GPE is in Joules (J)
  40. Efficiency=______ _____x 100%
    _____ _____
    • Efficiency=useful output x 100%
    • total input
  41. Power is the r___ at w___ e_____ is c_______
    Power is the rate at which energy is converted
  42. Power=w___ d____
    t___ t____
    • Power=work done
    • time taken
  43. Power=e____ c_____
    t___ t____
    • Power=energy change
    • time taken
  44. Power is measured in W____
    Power is measured in Watts
  45. Pressure=f____
    • Pressure=force
    • area
  46. Pressure is measured in _/_2, p____ (Pa), m__b_r
    Pressure is measured in N/m2, pascals (Pa), millibar
  47. FLUID PRESSURE=d____ of fluid x a_______ due to gravity x h____ of f____ above

    or P=dgh
    FLUID PRESSURE=density of fluid x acceleration due to gravity x height of fluid above

    or P=dgh
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