1. 304
    Effective organizational management requires
    fair,consistent and progressive disciplinary action when an employee’s conductand job performance are inconsistent with JFRD’s goals or contrary to laws,rules, regulations, or procedures.
  2. 304
    It is imperative that disciplinary action be administered in a
    judicious manner that assures fair and equal treatment for all employees.
  3. 304
    The maintenance of discipline is a
    responsibility and function of command.
  4. 304
    the administration of any disciplinary action shall use what in each case?
    good judgment in light of all facts in each case.
  5. 304
    Progressive discipline is based on the idea that once employees have been informed of the performance and behavior expected of them, appropriate discipline will be administered
    progressively when an infraction occurs
  6. 304
    penalties, as provided for in the Disciplinary Action Guide in procedure304.05, are merely ______as the administered action shall be based on the_________of the infraction
    • advisory
    • circumstances
  7. 304
    Generally, unacceptable behavior can be considered (2)?
    major or minor.
  8. 304
    It is specifically understood that some factual circumstances aggravate or mitigate the violation and, therefore, what kind of discipline action required?
    greater or lesser disciplinary action maybe required.
  9. 304
    When disciplining an employee concerning improper behavior and/or jobperformance, it is mandatory that the administration provides
    specific direction to the employee in order to bring the employee’s behavior to an acceptable level.
  10. what happens of administration fails to provide direction to an emplyee who being disciplined for improper behavior?
    failure to provide direction shall not preclude future disciplinary action where otherwise appropriate.
  11. Discipline shall normally be administered by the following progressivemeasures:(4)
    • • Written Reprimand
    • • Suspension/Reduction in pay
    • • Demotion
    • • Dismissal
  12. what is an administrative tool used to improve employee performanceor behavior?
  13. counseling session should be conducted in
    private and beas constructive as possible.
  14. Officers/Supervisors should make an attempt to address what issue as soon as practical?
    performance or behavioral issues as soon as practical.
  15. what should officer Keep in mind that the main goal of a counseling session is ?
    to improve employee performance or behavior.
  16. counseling session
    While the witness should be an officer/supervisor, who should offiicer contact for guidance in this area prior to contacting and requesting witness assistance.
    • District/Battalion Chief and/or
    • the Compliance Officer
  17. what is used to identify and correct the conduct or performance of an employee, it should be made clear to the employee thatthe meeting taking place should be considered counseling.
    oral counseling
  18. after oral counseling what must then be followed by
    proper documentation.
  19. oral counseling
    In order to maintain privacy and credibility,the documentation of counseling in what is prohibited?
    Daily/Company Log Books
  20. wehre can you document oral couseling session?
    Microsoft Outlook (your city email account,NOT THE STATIONS) by creating a file on your email home screen.....
  21. oral counseling documentation
    This post will be time stamped and dated by
    the computer.
  22. oral counseling session doc:
    It is recommended that a what kind of copy of the counseling session be created and kept in a secure location maintained by the supervisor.
    hard copy
  23. oral counseling doc.
    Should officier forward this document to Compliance Officer?
    This documentation shall not beforwarded to the Compliance Officer.
  24. The Letter of Counseling form is used by the department to document
    thedetails of a counseling session.
  25. A Letter of Counseling is not
  26. Letter of Counseling is a tool used to
    inform an employee of performance/behavior that must be corrected to avoid discipline
  27. Letter of counseling form can be accessed on? by selecting?
    • Fireweb
    • JFRD Documents/Forms, then select JFRD Forms.
  28. Letter of counseling
    when will officer/supervisor shall request a witness be present during letter of counsling?
    • during the refusal process only
    • to sign the form
  29. Whether the employee wishes to enter a rebuttal or not, the employee and the supervisor will sign again below?
    the rebuttal section on the form indicating that the employee has been informed of his/her right to include a rebuttal.
  30. Where should original Letter of Counseling shall be forwarded to for review?
    theDistrict/Battalion Chief
  31. Letter of counseling
    After review, the District/Battalion Chiefshall forward the document to the ? in what?
    • Compliance Officer
    • in an envelope marked CONFIDENTIAL.
  32. prior to submission to the Compliance Officer what should District/Battalion chef do?
    Copies shall be made for the employee and the supervisor
  33. If the employee is assigned to a new supervisor within ______ period, the existing supervisorshould exchange counseling information with the new supervisor.
    2 year period,
  34. rule infraction charges.
    Supervisors needing clarification on any action should seek guidance from their
    • District/BattalionChief and/or
    • the Compliance Officer.
  35. which form requires the officer to identify the rule, SOP, SOG, SAP, law, etc. that hasbeen violated.
  36. before forwarded to the District/Battalion Chief what documentation should accompany the Rule Infraction Charges form?
    • Witness documentation,
    • Letters of Counseling, and
    • other pertinent documentation
    The form should then be forwarded to the District/Battalion Chief to assist in the completion of ?
    the Rule Infraction Supervisors Comments form.
    The original form will be submitted towhom through the chain of command?
    the Compliance Officer
    what should be done prior to submission to the Compliance Officer
    Copies shall be made for the employee and the supervisor filing charges
  40. RULE INFRACTION SUPERVISORS COMMENTS FORM who uses this form to document input regarding the Rule Infraction Charges being filed.?
    used by the District/Battalion Chief
    Prepare the Rule Infraction Supervisor’s Comments form specifically stating
    why you support or deny the charges
    The original forms shall be submitted to the Compliance Officer by the who in an envelope marked CONFIDENTIAL?
    District/Battalion Chief or appropriate supervisor
  43. The Compliance Officer will serve in an
    administrative support capacity.
  44. Compliance Officer will be responsible for the preparation of
    all necessary documents dealing with disciplinary action and presentation of said documents to the appropriate Division Chief
  45. Disciplinary action records will be kept in the? inaccordance with ?
    • employee’s personnel file
    • Civil Service and Personnel Rules and Regulations 10.03
  46. Effective within ______ after the arrest, the employee shall notify the _________ _______.
    • 24 hours
    • Compliance Officer
  47. In cases where the employee is arrested and jailed, this notification must take place within 24 hours of ?
  48. Where will an employee thats been arrested report to on next duty day after notfiying compliance officer?
    The employee will report to the Compliance Officer on the next duty day and will not report to their normal work assignment.
  49. The employee’s failure to report arrests within the specified 24 hour period could result in
  50. when will immediate dicipline for arrest be taken?
    Immediate discipline for arrests will not routinely be taken unless there are extenuating circumstances
  51. After arrest employee will be immediately removed from their normal work assignment and placed on? for how long?
    • on administrativeduty (40 hr work week for 56 hr work week employees and administrativeduty for 40 hr work week employees)
    • until the circumstances of the arrest are reviewed by the Administration.
  52. Any employee determined to require an extended assignment toadministrative duty will have their status reviewed at ____ and ______ days following such an administrative assignment to determine what future actions must be taken.
    30 and 180
  53. what will proceed after the final disposition ofthe criminal proceedings?
    Formal administrative investigations
  54. Arrest:
    The employee is responsible for notifying the Compliance Officer within_____ ____days of the status of your final legal disposition.
    five (5) working
  55. The Disciplinary Action Guide is not
    all inclusive nor is it binding.
  56. The Disciplinary Action Guide give s?
    recommendations for the severity of discipline for different conduct.
  57. Disciplinary Action Step Guide(4)
    • 4 = DISMISSAL
  58. Arrest:
    you notfiy?
    they notify whom?
    • you -
    • compliance officer-
    • (give division chief employee name/assignment/ known circumstances of arrest)
    • appropriate division chief
  59. 310
    Sexual harassment is a form of
    sex discrimination
  60. 310
    It is a violation of .....(3)....., as amended,and shall not be tolerated.
    • Title XI,Chapter 402 of the Jacksonville Municipal Code,
    • Chapter 760 of the FloridaStatue
    • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1991
  61. 310
    The JFRD has a zero tolerance policy and shall fully abide by all applicable by? (3)
    federal, state, and local laws.
  62. 310
    Sexual harassment is a prohibited personnel practice within the JFRD and any of its ? (4)
    organizations, sections, divisions, and affiliations.
  63. 310
    Who specifically defines sexual harassment as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexualfavors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.”
    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  64. 310
    Sexual harassment may occur among co-workers or when a person who is in a position to
    control, influence, or affect another individual’sjob or career standing, uses this power to either coerce thesubordinate into a sexual relationship or punish him or her for refusing to participate in sexual activity
  65. 310
    When can Consenting relationships constitute sexual harrassment?
    • under this policy when a:
    • professional power differential exists between employees and romantic or sexual relationships develop.
    • potential for abuse of power, even in relationships of apparent mutual consent
  66. The time limit for filing a complaint is :
    date alleged?
    date an applicant could have reasonably become aware that he/she was sexually harassed?
    • within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the alleged discrimination
    • within thirty (30) calendar days from the date an applicant could have reasonably become aware that he/she wassexually harassed
  67. 310
    The JFRD EEO Officer’s suggested actions for management shall be ?
    sensible and sound.
  68. 310
    Upon completion of an investigation, the JFRD EEOOfficer will provide a?
    memorandum to all necessary parties.
  69. 310
    when enough information has been obtained to resolve the problem JFRD EEO Officer will?
    Discontinue inquiring
  70. 310
    JFRD EEO Officer will Arrange a meeting to attempt an informal resolution with ?
    individual and appropriate management official(s)
  71. 310
    two types of sexual harassment that are prohibited
    • Quid pro quo is a term that literally means “this for that.”
    • Hostile work environment (sexual harassment occurs where sexualjokes, graffiti, suggestive remarks, cartoons, pinups, physicalinterference with movement, and sexually derogatory comments create an offensive work environment)
  72. 310
    The JFRD EEO Officer should seek technical assistance from the ____________________ when necessary,when attempting to reach an informal resolution or correct an EO/EArelated problem
    Equal Opportunity/Equal Access EO/EA Division,
  73. 310
    Maintain records of complaints filed at the JFRD EEO Officer level for a period of no less than?
    two years.
  74. 310-JFRD EEC Officer
    In event of state or federal chargesof discrimination, the department shall maintain all records relevant tothe matter, until?
    final disposition.
  75. 310-JFRD EEC Officer/ state or federal charges
    Such records shall be deemed confidential and stored in a secure file ?
    separated from personnel records
  76. 310
    When the JFRD EEO Officer is reasonably sure that informal resolution cannot be reached in ten (?) days, he/she should begin to terminate the inquiry and advise the employee to file his/her complaint at the next level.
    10 days
  77. 310
    JFRD EEO Officer should continue the inquiry aslong as it appears progress is being made in reaching a resolution andalso to protect the rights of the employee to file a complaint at the next level , unless?
    unless the employee requested discontinuance,
  78. Can an employee schedule an appointment with his/her JFRD EEO Officerduring normal business hours without loss of time or pay on the job ?
    An employee may schedule an appointment with his/her JFRD EEO Officerduring normal business hours without loss of time or pay on the job......
  79. 310-appointment norm. business hour...
    At who's request should, the JFRD EEO Officer provide a written statement attesting to the employee’s arrival and departure times
    At management’s request
  80. 310- appointment norm. business hrs...
    If the employee’s complaint is against the immediate supervisor,he/she may inform whom, of thedesire to meet with the JFRD EEO Officer or the City of JacksonvilleEO/EA Division
    next person in the chain of command
  81. 310- appointment norm business hrs....JFRD EEC Off...
    Information obtained from an individual who seeks assistance will not be discussed with other personnel except ?
    as necessary to investigate the matter.
  82. 310- appointment business hrs..JFRD EEC Off.....
    Are witnesses entitled to know the outcome of a complaint?
    Witnesses are not entitled to know the outcome of a complaint.
  83. 310- business hr app..JFRD EEC Off....Witnesses
    Should questions arise regarding a disclosure request; the matter will be referred to?
    the EO/EA Division
  84. 310
    complaint procedures are applicable to ? (2)
    both job applicants andemployees
  85. 310
    If a complaint is beyond the 30–day EO/EA limit, the individual should be referred to?
    • City’s EO/EA Division
    • Jacksonville Human Rights Commission (JHRC)
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)(miami)
    • Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR)
  86. 310
    Complaints filed with FCHR must be filed within ___ days from the date of the discriminatory action.
    365 days
  87. Charges filed with the EEOC must be filed within ____days of the date of the violation.
    300 days
  88. 310
    What has JFRD done so that an employee has access to more than one individual JFRD EEC Off.?
    • In addition to the senior level manager assigned to be the JFRD EEO Officer,
    • several EEO representatives assigned to various stations and divisions within JFRD have been identified
  89. 310
    Employees may also report harassment to whom?
    who will then report it to the JFRD EEO Officer
    any supervisor
  90. 310
    The JFRD members have the options to select any Field Representative from the designated list posted in
    thestations and the workplace.
  91. 310
    whos designated to ensure complete coverageof all JFRD assigned personnel with EEO complaints
    The EEO field representatives
  92. 310
    The roles of these EEO Representatives are to
    informally obtain information and educate members who feel they have an EEO concern.
  93. 314
    Who shall be responsible for ensuring that their use of the electronic communication and information technology systems complies with the provisions of this procedure.?
    All JFRD personnel
  94. 314
    The burden of responsibility is on the ____ to inquire as to acceptable and unacceptable uses.
  95. 314
    Any personnel found to have engaged in illegal, unauthorized, or unethicalpractices will be subject to disciplinary action that could result in termination of system access or even termination of employment.
    Any exemption to this policy must be?
    obtained in writing from the Director/FireChief.
  96. 314-(Any personnel found to have engaged in illegal, unauthorized, or unethical practices-exemption)
    Who will maintain a copy of the exemption?
    The secretary of the Director/Fire Chief
  97. 314
    Company Officers are responsible and accountable for activities occurring in the stations while on-duty which also include
    the use of computer equipment.
  98. 314
    It is the Company Officer’s responsibility to ensure that the computers in the stations are being used
    according to this policy and to prohibit any unlawfulactivities on the computer
  99. 314
    who is responsible for investigating an incident and taking appropriate corrective action involving personnel under their supervision when an instance of non-compliance with this policy is discovered or suspected.
    The supervisor/Company Officer
  100. 314
    who is responsible for setting policies for station computer use, inaccordance with JFRD Rules and Regulations, SOP’s, and SAP’s.
    The Station Captain
  101. 314
    The Station Captain and the on-duty Company Officer have the right to prohibit ?
    use of station computers including accessing internet sites.
  102. 314
    who is the only person who can authorize downloading files on Station computers?
    The Station Captain
  103. 314
    work-related sites are(5)
    • •
    • •
    • •
    • •
    • •
  104. 314
    JFRD computers are the property of?
    the City of Jacksonville.
  105. 314
    JFRD computers are provided as a tool to be used in
    conducting departmental business.
  106. 314
    JFRD computers are intended to provide a more ______ and _________ means of conducting departmental business by? (3)
    • a more efficient and effective means...
    • Augmenting communications,
    • Enhancing record keeping, and
    • Limit dependency on paper.
  107. 314-hacking
    It is a violation for who , to access computer files illegally for any purposes without the legal authority.
    any user, including the system administrator or supervisor
  108. 314
    Examples of legitimate access by legal authorities are:(5)
    • 1. To ensure compliance with applicable policies, procedures, and standards
    • 2. Files of terminated personnel may be accessed to save documents that pertain to City or Department business
    • 3. If required by law
    • 4. If there is reasonable suspicion that a user has committed or is committing a crime
    • 5. Supervisor monitoring subordinates activities
  109. 318-discrimation/harrassment
    This SAP is intended to create a work environment which will ?
    attract and retain qualified employees who represent the broadest possible spectrum ofsociety, which includes, but is not restricted to, women, minorities, or thedisabled.
  110. 318
    There shall be no discrimination or harassment against any person with regard to race, color, gender, religion, political affiliation, nationalorigin, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or veteran status in ?(15)
    recruitment, hiring, compensation, training, placement, promotion, discipline,demotion, transfer, lay off, recall, termination, working conditions, related terms, and conditions of employment.
  111. 318
    Harassment is a form of employment discrimination that is:
    • Verbal or physical conduct that denigrates or shows hostility oraversion toward an individual because of his or her protected status orthat of his or her relatives, friends or associates
    • has the purpose or effect
    • -of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment
    • -of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance
    • Otherwise adversely affects an individual’s employment opportunities
  112. 318 EEO
    The time limit for filing a complaint is within how many calendar day from:
    -from the date of the alleged discrimination?
    -from thedate an applicant could have reasonably become aware that he/she was harassed?
    • thirty (30)calendar day- date of the alleged
    • thirty (30)calendar day-applicant could have reasonably become aware that he/she was harassed
  113. 318
    Witnesses are not entitled to know the outcome of an
    EO/EA complaint.
  114. 319 firearms
    purpose of sap?
    To prevent workplace violence or accidental discharge of a firearm in the workplace or on any JFRD property.
  115. 319
    Personnel, volunteers, associates, and representatives of the JFRD are strictly prohibited from having firearms in their possession, custody, and/or control, except when in compliance with?
    Section 790.251, Florida Statutes.
  116. 319
    All members who carry firearms in accordance with Section 790.251, FS, shall review and are responsible to?
    remain up to date on any changes concerning Section 790.251,Florida Statutes.
  117. 319
    This shall apply even if the individual holds a
    Federal, State, or Municipal firearms permit or license.
  118. 319
    Violation of this policy and Section 790.251, Florida Statutes will be construed as?
    a serious offense.
  119. 319
    Violation of this policy will result in ?
    disciplinary action that could include termination
  120. 323 vehicle incidents
    SAP goal?
    The goal is to promote a safer working environment for JFRD employees and the general public
  121. 323
    Authority for establishment of this SAP is provided under .
    Executive Order 92-161
  122. 323
    An incident limited to JFRD vehicles or JFRD property and no injuries requires notification of the ?(2)
    District Chief and TSF Manager only.
  123. 323
    If possible, position vehicle in a
    safe location out of lanes of travel
  124. 323
    In cases where there is potential liability to JFRD, notify FRCC via ________ phone to relay the information to the responding Claims Adjuster.
    • celluar phone
  125. 323
    CO or person in charges responsibilty...(6)
    • 1. Notify FRCC of the circumstances, company status, and need foradditional emergency response
    • 2. Request the District Chief
    • 3. Request appropriate law enforcement agency
    • 4. Notify Tactical Support Manager or Car-8 through FRCC
    • 5. Request City Insurance/Claims Adjuster through FRCC
    • 6. When the scene is stabilized, complete the Vehicle Damage Report
  126. 323
    When should CO/person in charge complete Vehicle damage report?
    When is stabilized.
  127. 323
    Although the Claims Adjuster is requested in the above situations, they will respond at
    their own discretion.
  128. 323
    District chief responsiblity?(4)
    • 1. Ensure that the Company Officer (or person in charge of the vehicle) has made the appropriate notifications
    • 2. If JFRD personnel sustain injuries, ensure that the Incident Safety Officer(SF-1 or SF-2) has been notified
    • 3. Deliver the completed Vehicle Damage Report to the Tactical Support Manager or Car-8 on.......
    • 4. In incidents of injury, major property damage, or potential liability shall ensure that the engineer/operator is alcohol/drug tested immediately
  129. 323
    When will District chief have engineer/operator drug tested?
    injury, major property damage, or potential liability
  130. 323
    When will District chief deliever Vehicle damage report to Tactical Support Manager or Car-8 ?
    • on that same day.
    • If after normal work hours, delivered on the next business day
  131. 323
    When shall require completion of a VDR?
    • Any JFRD vehicle incident,
    • regardless of damage or injury,
  132. 323
    The VDR should include information from the
    • Operator,
    • Company Officer,
    • witnesses
  133. 323
    What information is tobe indicated to enable the Vehicle Incident Review Committee to review all information?
    Information is to indicate what transpired at the scene of the incident and explainany extenuating circumstances to
  134. 323
    If the law enforcement agency declines to write a report, this must be documented on the?
  135. 323
    If the law enforcement agency declines to write a report who will be responsible for diagram? Which should included what information?
    • (The District Chief is then responsible for the diagram)
    • Include the law enforcement agency CCR# on the VDR.
  136. 323
    The membership of the Committee shall be:(6)
    • Division Chief of Services (Permanent Chair, conducts all meetings)
    • Designee appointed by the President of IAFF Local #122
    • Manager of the Tactical Support Facility
    • • Certified Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) instructor
    • Engineer selected by the Director/Fire Chief for a 1-year term
    • • Chairman of the Safety Committee or designee
  137. 323
    Who has the authority to increase committee membership at his/herdiscretion.
    The chair
  138. 323
    At least how many members of the committee must be present at the meeting in order to review incidents?
    three members
  139. 323
    Who will ensure that all pertinent VDR’s are complete and sufficient data is available for the committee to review?
    The recording secretary (Division Chief of Services Secretary)
  140. 323
    What kind of incidents shall not be brought before the committee?
    Any incident involving property damage, injury, or death where the investigationis on going
  141. 323
    Reviews will be held on the?
    second Monday of each month or as needed.
  142. 323 Review meetings
    In case of changes in this schedule the chairperson shall provide committee members with
    sufficient notification
  143. 323
    The chairperson may request any of the following information regarding the vehicle operator that may be pertinent:(2)
    • • Previous Vehicle Damage Reports
    • • Civilian driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles
  144. 323
    The Vehicle Incident Review Committee shall render rulings on
    each incident itreviews.
  145. 323
    Detail and accuracy are required in VDR because Rulings made by the committee are based on information supplied in the ?
  146. 323 Vehicle incident- rulings
    Class I Incident – defined as an incident that was
    not preventable, or the investigation indicates no fault on the part of the JFRD engineer/operator or company officer (examples: citation issued to a private party)
  147. 323- Vehicle incident rulings
    Class II Incident – an incident that has been determined
    • to be the fault of the engineer/operator and/or company officer who violated JFRD Rules andRegulations, violated Florida driving statutes, misjudged clearance, or failed todrive defensively
    • (examples: backing incidents, any incident where JFRDengineer/operator is cited by a law enforcement agency)
  148. 323 veh.incid. rulings
    Class III Incident – an incident which occurred because
    the engineer/operatorand/or company officer displayed negligence, a willful disregard for JFRD Rulesand Regulations or Florida driving statutes (examples: excessive speed,aggressive driving, failure to yield, DUI on duty)
  149. 323
    The Vehicle Incident Review Committee will make a determination as to the causal factor(s) and designate each incident as
    Class I, II, or III.
  150. 323
    If there is an apparent violation of JFRD Rules and Regulations, that violation will be listed by the committee as a
    causal factor.
  151. 323
    Upon completion of the committee’s review, copies of all reports and documentation will be submitted to the
    Division Chief of Services
  152. 323
    Who shall complete a Rule Infraction Charges form, if appropriate.
    The Division Chief of Services
  153. 323
    The Rule Infraction Charges form, along with supporting documentation, will then be submitted to the appropriate
    District/Battalion Chief
  154. 323 veh.incid. rulings
    who shall review the documents and complete a Rule Infraction Supervisor Comments form?
    The District/Battalion Chief
  155. 323 veh.incid.ruling
    once reviewed and completed Dist. chief will then be forwarded All documents will to who for processing?
    to the Compliance Officer for processing
  156. 323
    JFRD personnel shall have a right to appeal the ruling made by the Vehicle Incident Review Committee, either in
    writing or in person.
  157. 323
    Because the rulings made by the Vehicle Incident Review Committee are basedon information supplied in the VDR, the appeal shall be for the sole purpose of ?
    submitting information that may have been left out of the original report including verbal testimony of JFRD personnel or witnesses.
  158. 323
    No appeal will be allowed whose sole purpose is to
    question the judgment of the Vehicle Incident Review Committee members.
  159. 323-APPEAL
    When will be ruling be reconsidered?
    After the additional information is submitted
  160. 325 Human relations
    • To provide a positive work environment for Jacksonville Fire and RescueDepartment (JFRD) employees and
    • to ensure courteous and professionaltreatment of the public.
  161. 325
    What treatment decreases the effectiveness and efficiency of thepersonnel giving and receiving this type of behavior?
    Ostracizing, hazing or silent treatment
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