french subjunctive.txt

  1. to deny that
    nier que
  2. to doubt that
    douter que
  3. it's doubtful that
    il est douteux que
  4. it's not certain that
    il n'est pas certain que
  5. it's not clear that
    il n'est pas clair que
  6. it's not evident that
    il n'est pas évident que
  7. it's not correct/accurate that
    il n'est pas exact que
  8. it's not sure that
    il n'est pas sûr que
  9. it's not true that
    il n'est pas vrai que
  10. it doesn't seem that
    il ne paraît pas que
  11. to not say that (only in negative)
    ne dire pas que + subjunctif
  12. to not be sure that
    n'être pas sûr(e) que
  13. to not be certain that
    n'être pas certain(e) que
  14. it doesn't mean that
    ça ne veut pas dire que
  15. it's not that/the fact isn't that
    ce n'est pas que
  16. to not think that
    ne penser pas que
  17. to not believe that
    ne croire pas que
  18. to want that
    vouloir que
  19. to desire that
    désirer que
  20. to wish that
    souhaiter que
  21. to be willing
    vouloir bien que
  22. to order that
    commander que
  23. to order that
    ordonner que
  24. to demand that
  25. to allow/permit that
    permettre que
  26. to authorize that
    autoriser que
  27. to prohibit that
    défendre que
  28. to prohibit/forbid that
    interdire que
  29. to avoid that
    éviter que
  30. to avoid/prevent that
    empêcher que
  31. to tell (instruct) that (someone do something)
    • dire que + subjunctif (order)
    • dire que + indicatif (statement)
  32. to demand that (someone do something)
    demander que
  33. to suggest that (someone do something)
    suggérer que
  34. to propose that (someone do something)
    proposer que
  35. to recommend that (someone do something)
    recommander que
  36. to like that (someone do something)
    aimer que
  37. to prefer that (someone do something)
    aimer mieux que
  38. to prefer that (someone do something)
    préférer que
  39. to agree that (someone do something)
    accepter que
  40. to allow that
    admettre que
  41. to wait for (someone to do something)
    attendre que
  42. to expect that (someone do something)
    s'attendre à ce que
  43. to agree to (someone doing something)
    consentir à ce que
  44. to insist on (someone doing something)
    insister pour que
  45. to be against (someone doing something)
    s'opposer à ce que
  46. to insist on (someone doing something)
    tenir à ce que
  47. to see to, make sure that (someone do something)
    veiller à
  48. to know that
    savoir que + indicatif
  49. to believe that (positive only)
    croire que + indicatif
  50. to think that (positive only)
    penser que + indicatif
  51. to assert/affirm that
    affirmer que + indicatif
  52. to hope that
    ésperer que + indicatif
  53. assure that
    assurer que + indicatif
  54. promise that
    promettre que + indicatif
  55. swear that
    jurer + indicatif
  56. to agree that
    accepter que
  57. to approve that
    approuver que
  58. to disapprove that
    désapprouver que
  59. to be ashamed that
    avoir honte que
  60. to be afraid that
    avoir peur que (ne)
  61. to fear that
    craindre que (ne)
  62. to be astonished
    s'étonner que
  63. to complain that
    se plaindre que
  64. to regret that
    regretter que
  65. to rejoice that
    se réjouir
  66. to feel like
    avoir envie de
  67. it's acceptable that
    il est acceptable que
  68. it's unacceptable that
    il est inacceptable que
  69. it's astonishing that
    il est étonnant que
  70. it's surprising that
    il est surprenant que
  71. it's improbable that
    il est peu probable que
  72. it's possible that
    il est possible que
  73. it's impossible that
    il est impossible que
  74. to be disappointed that
    être deçu que
  75. to be sorry/sad that
    être désolé que
  76. to be sad that
    être triste que
  77. to be surprised that
    être étonné que
  78. to be surpised that (alt)
    être surpris que
  79. to be angry that
    être fâché que
  80. to be furious that
    être furieux que
  81. to be angry that (alt)
    être en colère que
  82. to be proud that
    être fier que
  83. to be delighted that
    être ravi que
  84. to be satisfied que
    être satisfait que
  85. to be happy that
    être heureux que
  86. to be happy that (alt)
    être content que
  87. to be unhappy that
    être malheureux que
  88. to be unhappy that (alt)
    être mécontent que
  89. it is suitable/advisable that
    il convient que
  90. it matters that/it is important that
    il importe que
  91. it matters little that
    peu importe que
  92. it is enough that
    il suffit que
  93. it is better that
    il vaut mieux que
  94. it's strange that
    il est bizarre que
  95. it's strange/curious that
    il est curieux que
  96. it's extraordinary that
    il est extraordinaire que
  97. it's annoying that
    il est ennuyeux que
  98. is irritating that
    il est agaçant que
  99. it's irritating that (alt)
    il est énervant que
  100. it's logical that
    il est logique que
  101. it's normal that
    il est normal que
  102. it's natural that
    il est naturel que
  103. it's fair that
    il est juste que
  104. it isn't often that / it's rare that
    il est rare que
  105. it's useful that
    il est utile que
  106. it's useless that
    il est inutile que
  107. there's no chance that
    il n'y a aucune chance que
  108. there's no danger that
    il n'y a pas de danger que
  109. it's possible that
    il se peut que
  110. to be lucky that
    avoir de la chance que
  111. to need that
    avoir besoin que
  112. it's necessary that
    il est nécessaire que
  113. it's essential that
    il est essentiel que
  114. it's indispensible that
    il est indispensable que
  115. it's necessary that, one has to
    il faut que
  116. it amazes me that
    cela m'étonne que
  117. it annoys me that
    cela m'ennuie que
  118. it irritates me that
    cela m'agace que
  119. it's not worth it that/it's pointless that
    ce n'est pas la peine que
  120. it irritates me that
    cela m'énerve que
  121. it bugs me that
    cela m'embête que
  122. there's nothing that
    il n'y a rien qui/que
  123. there's no one who
    il n'y a personne qui/que
  124. there's no x that
    il n'y a aucune x qui/que
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