Bobby's Random Notecards XIII

  1. "In Vino Veritas"
    Soren Kierkegaard
  2. "Diapsalmata"
    Soren Kierkegaard
  3. "Diary of a Seducer"
    Soren Kierkegaard
  4. Figure in beginning of the Qing Dynasty
    Li Zicheng
  5. Qianlong Emperor was of this dynasty
  6. Led the Zimmerwald Conference
  7. Critiqued by Henry Hazlitt
  8. Series of wars included in the War of Austrian Succession
    Carnatic Wars
  9. Largest province of Ecuador
  10. Commission established by Hoover
    Wickersham Commission
  11. Bambara people are prominent in this country
  12. Signed the Treaty of Shackamaxon
    William Penn
  13. Founded Hartford, Connecticut
    Thomas Hooker
  14. 1985 agreement that said Europe was basically free of border controls
    Schengen Agreement
  15. "Profession of the Savoyard Priest"
  16. Treaty that negotiated two branches of the Habsburgs
    Onate Treaty
  17. Accused of having an affair with Caroline Horton in the Bedchamber Crisis
    Lord Melbourne
  18. Italian PM at the Paris peace conference
    Vittorio Orlando
  19. Proponents of this school believe in the existence of nothing except their own mind
  20. Two Vandal rulers
    • Gunderic
    • Geiseric
  21. Ostrogoth leader who sacked Rome
  22. Haymarket Square went down during his presidency
    Grover Cleveland
  23. Gustavo Rojas was a leader of this country
  24. Anarchy, State, and Utopia
    Robert Nozick
  25. French general who led the counterattack at First Marne
    Ferdinand Foch
  26. Home to the Republic of Ezo
  27. Connected by the Seikan Tunnel
    Hokkaido and Honshu
  28. War that was part of the Thirty Years' War
    War of Mantuan Succession
  29. Defeated the Lombards in the Siege of Pavia
  30. Signed the Treaty of Heiligen
  31. Two Jimmy Carter Secretaries of State
    • Edmund Muskie
    • Cyrus Vance
  32. Second longest river in South America
    Parana River
  33. There was a massacre of American POWs during the Battle of the Bulge near here
  34. The Malfosse trapped some soldiers at this battle
    Battle of Hastings
  35. Advised by Gaspar de Guzman (Duke of Olivares)
    Philip IV
  36. Married Margaret of Austria
    Philip III
  37. Won the Battle of Junin
    Simon Bolivar
  38. Wrote about the "banality of evil"
    Hannah Arendt
  39. Wrote about the "problem of evil"
    David Hume
  40. Divided economic and cultural aspects of a society into the "base" and "superstructure"
    Karl Marx
  41. Tallmadge tried to amend this agreement
    Missouri Compromise
  42. Raid during Mary, Queen of Scots
    Chase-about Raid
  43. Died in the battle at Amphipolis
  44. Effect that affects IQ
    Flynn effect
  45. Rate of this phenomenon is given by Gordon's Triangle
  46. This phenomenon's effect on interest rates is named for Mundell and Tobin
  47. Once ruled by the Bathory clan
  48. Receives the Cooks and Georges Rivers
    Botany Bay
  49. "Live Entertainment Capital of America" in Missouri
  50. Cells in the Pancreas
    Acinar cells
  51. Highest point is Nevado Ojos del Salado
  52. Started a business with Maurice Clark
    John D Rockefeller
  53. Left the royal court for Syon House
    Queen Anne
  54. Important man in Queen Anne's court
    John Churchill
  55. Restored Sidney Godolphin
    Queen Anne
  56. Wedding hymns in Sikhism
  57. Largest class of annelids
  58. Signed the Treaty of Wedmore
    Alfred the Great
  59. The Osphradium is in these…
  60. Aesthetes are in these…
  61. Husband of Yashodhara
  62. Decided with Vignera v New York and Westover v US
    Miranda v Arizona
  63. Revised Escobedo v Illinois
    Miranda v Arizona
  64. Led liberal forces during the War of Reform
    Benito Juarez
  65. Longest serving Secretary of State
    Cordell Hull
  66. Shot Harvey Milk
    Dan White
  67. Largest city in Scotland
  68. Third-largest Scottish city
  69. Committed suicide in Utica
    Cato the Younger
  70. Ally of Metellus Scipio
    Cato the Younger
  71. Akrotiri Peninsula is on this island
  72. Mesara Plain is on this island
  73. Killed at the Battle of Mactan
  74. Offensive at the Battle of Stalingrad
    Case Blue
  75. Pavlov's House was a fortress here
    Battle of Stalingrad
  76. Negotiated and signed the Treaty of Payne's Landing for the US
    James Gadsden
  77. Had his capital near Qantir
    Ramses II
  78. Succeeded by Merneptah
    Ramses II
  79. Naval battle won by the Ming
    Lake Poyang
  80. Country that owns the Coco Islands
  81. Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania
    John Dickinson
  82. Drafted the Olive Branch Petition
    John Dickinson
  83. Led the Jamuary 6th Dictatorship
    Alexander I
  84. Monarch who presided over the creation of Yugoslavia
    Alexander I
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