Honors Chemistry

  1. How to solve for percent compostion?
    • Step 1-Convert both mass (of 100 g) to moles
    • Step 2 - Divide the higher number by the lower number
    • Step 3-multiply to whole #
    • Step4 - Write Formula
  2. Emperical Formula
    The most reduced from of an ionic compound
  3. Molecular formula
    The combination of molecules in a solution
  4. Stuctual formula
    Hints to the structural organization
  5. Physical properites
    Properites that do not require a chemical reation to see
  6. Chemical properties
    Require a chemical reaction to see
  7. Extensive properites
    Properties that depend on the amount of matter
  8. Intesive Properties
    properties that do not depend on the mass
  9. Endothermic
    absorbs energy
  10. Exothemic
    emits energy
  11. Hydrocarbons
    Prefix + Ane
  12. Metal and Nonmetal
    Metal ( oxidation state is transition ) Nonmetal Root+ ide
  13. Distilation
    based on evaporatiomof a liquid and the condensation of its vapor
  14. Crystalization
    The formation of crystals by evap or cooling
  15. Adsorption/chomotography
    The process of 1 substance being attacted and help to to the surface of another one
  16. Centerfugation
    High Speed Spinning to separate precipitates
  17. Decanting
    pouring one layer from antother
  18. Mole to Mole
    • liters of gas liters of gas
    • Mass------- moles --- ratio---moles-mass
    • liters of liquid liters of liquid
  19. Avagodros
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