1. (New Gilmore Hall)
    Pulelehua (Kamehameha Butterfly), ceramic mural, Robert Flint, 1986.

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    eramic mural invites visitors to enter the building, home of the College
    of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources and Plant &
    Environmental Protection Sciences. Gilmore Hall.
  2. (Biomedical Sciences Building and Lawn)
    Maka ‘a e ‘Ike Aku i ke Awawa Uluwehi i na Kuahiwi o Mānoa
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    (Glowing eyes Looking at the Lush Valley in the Mountains of Mānoa)
    hammered copper with brass brazing,
    Bumpei Akaji, 1979.
  3. (Center for Korean Studies)
    Untitled, Chong In-guk and Na Sang-gi, 1975–1976.
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    The building and pavilion are replicas of structures from the Kyongbok Palace
    (Yi Dynasty circa 1400 C.E.) in Seoul, Korea.
  4. Thai Pavillion
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    Located beneath banyan trees on a small grassy rise
    across from the East-West Center is the Thai Pavilion. Built by Thai craftsmen,
    it was disassembled and shipped to Hawai‘i. At the time of its reconstruction,
    it was one of three in the world outside of Thailand. The pavilion was a gift
    from the royalty of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit.
  5. Jefferson Hall (East-West Center)
    a pair of fu dogs
    stone, anonymous,1971.
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    The temple dogs pair, one at the mauka end of the building, the other makai,
    were a gift from Taiwan.
  6. Jefferson Hall
    (Seien [Serene Garden],
    Kenzo Ogata, 1963)
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    If you look at the stream, you will see that it is the Japanese kanji character
    "kokoro" (heart). In the garden, there are two trees of note.
  7. Pink shower tree
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  8. willow
    Image Upload 8
  9. (Jefferson Hall)
    Chashitsu Jakuan [Cottage of
    Tranquility], 1972
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    The Urasenke Konnichian (Urasenke School of Tea Ceremony) has had a long
    relationship with the University (including the Summer Session program).
    Soshitsu Sen, the XVth-generation tea grandmaster, donated the teahouse.
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