Micro Rx List

  1. Beta-lactams
    • Binds to penicillin binding
    • proteins in periplasmic space
    • Act by blocking peptidoglycan
    • cross linking
    • Blocking of cross linking
    • weakens cell wall of the bacteria
    • Results in the organism
    • bursting (lysing)- organism must be actively growing for bactericidal activity to occur bc you need large segments of weakened cell wall for this to work.
    • All beta-lactams are bacteriocidial
  2. Beta-lactams
    • Penicillin- ex oxacillinPenicillin G or
    • B (drug w/in class penicillin) this is what we think about when we give
    • meds

    • Cephalosporin-
    • ex. CephalexinHas broader
    • spectrum than penicillin5 different
    • generations

    • Carbapenem- ex imipenemVery broad
    • spectrumVery powerful

    • Monobactam- ex. AztreonamNot used oftenImpt in
    • evolution of microbials

    • Beta-lactamse
    • inhibitors- used in combination with beta-lactams- ex. ClavulanateInhibit beta
    • lactamases (cleaves beta lactam ring) by binding to the beta lactamase.
  3. Vancomycin
    • Extremely large glycopeptide
    • molecule Only active against gram positive organisms
    • Prevents incorporation of murein monomer into peptidoglycan layer
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Micro Rx List
Micro Rx List