4077ENV Week 1 Lecture and Study Guide Notes

  1. What is the role of lawyers and law courts in
    In Queensland, the Planning and Environment Court (PEC) has jurisdiction to hear appeals from planning decisions made by local councils. If an appeal is made from a decision of a local council to the PEC, the PEC will re-decide the planning application de novo (ie. from the start) and may completely override the decision of the council. An appeal from the PEC lies to the Court of Appeal but only on matters of legal controversy (not factual or planning issues). Do you think the Planning and Environment Court (PEC)
  2. What is the role of expert witnesses?
    A witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he is to testify about.
  3. Minimalist planning
    • Aim:
    • • Prevent urban chaos
    • • Promote orderly development

    • Critique:
    • • Perpetuates urban capitalist development?
    • • Perpetuates the status quo?
  4. What is land –use planning?
    Land-use planning orders and regulates the use of land to facilitate good development in the right locations with the underpinning principle to ensure that social, environmental and economic systems are sustainable into the future.
  5. Incremental planning
    • Aim:
    • • Recognise and mediate between competing interests
    • • Promote community participation

    • Critique
    • • Indeterminate
    • • Too procedural?
  6. Why have planning law?
    • To define planning goals?
    • To facilitate administrators?
    • To control administrators?
    • To protect individual rights?
    • To enliven democracy?
    • To settle disputes?
    • To safeguard private property?
  7. What is planning law?
    The branch of administrative law governing how planners and decision-makers go about designing, planning and controlling the physical development of land, primarily in urban areas.
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