MSA3 Legs

  1. Name the four quads
    • Rectus Femoris
    • Vastus Lateralis
    • Vastus Medialis
    • Vastus Intermedius
  2. What is the common insertion in all quad muscles?
    Tibial tuberosity
  3. What is the common action for all quads?
    Knee extension
  4. What is the only quad muscle that crosses the hip?
    • Rectus femoris
    • Origin is the AIIS
    • Flexes the hip and anteriorly tilts the pelvis
  5. What is the only shallow quad?
    Rectus femoris
  6. What muscle divides the leg between quads and adductors?
    • Sartorius
    • It spirals from lateral to medial, from ASIS to Pes anserine.
  7. What does the Popliteus do?
    Unlocks the knee (medially rotates a flexed knee)
  8. What are the five muscles that adduct the hip?
    • Adductor magnus
    • Adductor longus
    • Adductor brevis
    • Pectineus
    • Gracilis
  9. What is common origin for the adductors, and which one has a different origin?
    • Common origin: Inferior ramus of the pubis
    • Different origin: Adductor longus (pubercle)
  10. Common origin of the hamstrings
    Ischial tuberosity
  11. Name the three hamstring muscles
    • Biceps femoris
    • Semitendinosus
    • Semimembranosus
  12. Common actions of the hamstrings
    • Knee flexion
    • Hip extension
    • Posterior tilting of pelvis
  13. What is the most superficial hamstring?
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