Ch1 Benners Model

  1. This phase begins with the onset of education. This level of a nurse is receptive to education and is learning the rules
  2. After considerable exposure to clinical situations, nurses improve in performance and begin to recognize the elements of a situation. The result is progression to the advanced beginner stage. The nurse functioning at this level begins to use more facts and is more sophisticated with use of the rules. A new graduate usually functions at this level.
    Advanced Beginner
  3. Nurses achieve this level of nursing after several years of practice. This level of nurse has gained additional experience and wrestle with more complex concerns. They are able to handle their patient load and prioritize situations. They are also more involved in their caregiving role and may be emotionally involved in the clinical choices made.
  4. A nurse at this level is a resource for newer nurses. They are able to see the "big picture" and can coordinate services and forecast needs. Ther are much more flexible and fluent with their role. Proficient nurses plan intuitively as much as consciously.
  5. This level nurse is able to see what needs to be achieved and how to do it. They trust in and use their intuition. They have expert skills and are often consulted when others need advice or assistance.
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Ch1 Benners Model
Ch1 Benenrs Model