MANT221 (5)

  1. Why would an interviewer ask open questions?
    • To discover interviewees priorities
    • To discover interviewees frame of reference
    • To let them discuss their opinions without constraint
    • To discover their depth of knowledge
  2. Why would an interviewer ask closed questions?
    • To save time, energy and money
    • Maintain control
    • Regain control
    • Obtain specific information
    • Encourage a shy person to talk
  3. What are the different types of probing?
    • Elaboration probes "tell me more about..."
    • Clarification probes " what does this mean to you..."
    • Reflective probes " is it correct to assume that..."
  4. What are the 2 types of interview structure?
    • Funnel sequence: General to specific
    • Inverted funnel sequence: Specific to general
  5. Online interviews can:
    • Open the door to face to face interviews
    • Dont bring up money too soon
    • Dont whisper
  6. What is the definition of reqruitment?
    Any practice or activity carried on by the organsation with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting employees
  7. What is the definition of selection?
    The process in the decision to fill the vacancy form from internal or external applicants, to filter the pool of applicants to find the most suitable candidate
  8. What do todays employees require?
    • Flexability and adaptability
    • Life long learning
    • Teamwork skills
    • Strong work records
    • Leadership capabilites
    • Diversed skills
    • Varied experiences
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MANT221 (5)
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