chpt 4 quiz

  1. Define e-business and discuss how marketers use the internet to achive business success
    • e-business involves targeting customers by collecting and analyzing business information, conducing customer transaction, and maintaining online relationships with cuztomers by means of computer networks such as the internet.
    • They use e-business and e-marketing incude the elimination of geographical bounderies, personlized marketing, interactive marketing and right-time marketing.
  2. dintinguish between a corporate web site and a marketing web site
    • Corporate web sites are designed to incease the firms visibility, promote thier offerings, and provide information to interested parties
    • Marketing web sites are also designed to communication information and build customer relationship, but the main purpose of marketing web sites is to incease purshases by site visitors
  3. List the major forms b2b e-marketing
    • Electronic data interchange was and ealy use of technology to conduct business transaction
    • b2b e-marketing includes product information, ordering, involving and payment processes and customer service
    • b2b context, e-business uses internet technology to conduct transaction between two organuzations via web services, extranets, private exchanges, electronic exchange, and e-procurement
  4. explain business to consumer (B2C) e-marketing
    • b2c is maturing
    • uses the inernet to connect companies directly with consumers
    • are wither shopping or informational sites
    • benefits of b2c e-marketing include lower prices, increased convience and product personliaztion
  5. Explain business to consumer e-marketing
    • most online shoppers today are women
    • more and more shoppers are looking like and average consumer
    • traditionally online users tended to live in urban areas, eran moore than 75k, lived in urban and have a college degree
    • developing safe online payments methods some buiness us secure sockets layer technology to encryt information and provide authtication
    • poor web design and service, unrealiabilty of dilivery and returns and lack retail expertise has limited e-business success
    • also can generate conflict amoung manufactures, wholesalers and retailers
  6. duscuss how marketers use the communication function of the web as part of thier online marketing strategies
    • use email as a way to communicate with customers, partners and supplies
    • online communities are grps of ppl who share common interests. (bulltin baords, forums)
    • Blogs online jounals
    • wikis are websites any1 can change
    • banner ads, usinf google to make sure there name pops of first when searching
  7. outline the steps inviloved in developing succesful e business web sites and identify methods for mesuring web site effectiveness
    • what they want to achieve with the site also who should creatge it, host, and mamage the site: how to promote it and how funding to spent. successful we site keep the site up tp date, informative, and visually appelaing
    • measuing a web site success include profitablility, click through rates and converstaon rates
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