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  1. a coordinated strategy involving plans, procedures, and technical measures that enable the recovery of it systems, operations, and data after a distruption
    it contingency planning
  2. what encompases a broad range of activities to identifu, control, and mitigate IT system risks?
    Risk management
  3. what are the 3 classifications of threats
    natural, human, enviromental
  4. what focuses on restoring an organizations essential functions to an alternate site for up to 30 days?
    continuity of operations plan (COOP)
  5. what establishes procedures to address cyber attacks against an organizations it systems?
    cyber incident response plan
  6. what applies to a major, catastrophic event that denies access to the normal facility for an extended period
    Disaster recovery plan (DRP)
  7. what provides the response procedures for occupants of a facility in the event of a situation posing a potential threat to the health/safety of personnel, the enviroment, or property?
    emergency action plan (EAP)
  8. The priority systems that should be in any contingency plan include
    email servers, dhcp servers, domain controllers, file servers containing mission critical information, web servers, specialized war zone systems
  9. the primary means for backing up critical systems falls to the what?
    backup application/file system
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