Neurons System Communication Quiz

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  1. Axon
    Transmits nerve impulse from cell body to another neuron. (or toward a muscle or gland) May give off Collateral Branches and divides forming many ternimal branches that end in synaptic terminals.
  2. Cellular Sheath (Neurilemma)
    Support cells known as Schwann cells. One of the Axons of many neurons outer nucleated cytoplasmic layar, also known as Schwann Sheath.
  3. Myelin Sheath
    The inner axon sheath covering rich in lipids. A segmented covering formed by Schwann cells around axons and dendrites of many peripheral nerves. An insulator and helps conduct nerve impulses.
  4. Neurotransmitters
    Secreted by the Synaptic Terminals, they are chemical enabling impulses to transmit one neuron to another. Specialize in sending neural impulses.
  5. Synaptic Cleft
    Microscopic narrow gap between two neurons. Neurochemicals are secreted across this cleft or junction to transmit nerve impulses.
  6. Synapse
    Junction between two neurons and site of impulse transmission where neurotransmitters are released.
  7. Dendrites
    Highly short branched fibers . Are specialized to receive neural impulses (nerve transmission) to project to the cell body.
  8. Soma (Cell body)
    Nucleus and other organellos within body. Carry electronic impulses from dendrites to axon.
  9. Schwann Cells
    Surround and form myelin sheath around larger nerve fibers in PNS. Vital to the process of peripheral nerve fiber regeneration.
  10. Ganglion
    Bundle of nerves located outside of CNS.
  11. Nodes of Ranvier
    Gaps between individual schwann cells along myelinated nerve fiber.
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