Bioconcepts - Asthma

  1. an enzyme inhibitor produced by the liver that blocks the destructive effects of elastase, an enzyme produced by neutrophils, and other proteolytic enzymes that may damage the lungs and greatly increase the risk for developing emphysema
    alpha-1 antitrypsin
  2. chronic hyper-responsiveness of the airways in response to allergens and irritants mediated by cells of the immune system, principally mast cells and eosinophils Signs and symptoms are acute and intermittent and respond to treatment with pharmaceuticals.
  3. hereditary sensitivity to allergens without apparent prior antigenic exposure associated with asthma, eczema, and hay fever
  4. chronic hypersecretion of mucus and chronic cough for more than three months per year for at least two consecutive years
    chronic bronchitis
  5. irreversible lung damage associated with abnormal pulmonary function tests of expiratory air flow that do not respond to treatment with pharmacological agents
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  6. difficulty breathing
  7. a disease characterized by abnormally enlarged and damaged alveoli of the lungs that leads to progressive hypoventilation and, ultimately, respiratory failure
  8. potent biological substances produced from unsaturated fatty acids by mast cells that cause bronchospasm, attract inflammatory cells, and induce excessive mucus secretion
  9. potentially life-threatening acute respiratory decompensation associated with severe bronchospasm of asthma
    status asthmaticus
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Bioconcepts - Asthma
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