Excel C1

  1. Collection of worksheets
  2. the intersection of each column and row is called a
  3. in excel, any set of characters containing a letter, hypen, or space is considered
  4. in excel, a number can contain the characters
    numbers, characters, or space
  5. a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row or a rectangular group of cells
  6. changing the font type, changing the font style to bold, increasing the font size, and changing the font color is called
  7. combining two or more cells together is called
  8. dividing a cell into more than one cell
  9. what effect does the comma style format have on the selected cells
    causes the cells to display with two decimal places and commas as thousands separators
  10. chart drawn on the same worksheet as the data
  11. the commands to insert a chart are located on the ____ tab
  12. the cell into which data is being entered is referred to as the
    active cell
  13. the horizontal and vertical lines on the worksheet are called
  14. displays active cell reference in the name box on the left
    formula bar
  15. when cell references are copied, each cell reference that excel automatically adjusts for the new position is called
    relative reference
  16. as you type, excel displays the entry in the
    formula bar
  17. m ake it easier to see and identify each cell
  18. a letter above the worksheet grid that identifies each column
    column heading
  19. the mouse pointer appears as a ____ whenever it is located in a cell on the worksheet
    block plus sign
  20. the mouse pointer becomes the ____ whenever it is moved outside the worksheet or when cell contents are dragged between rows or columns
    block arrow
  21. excel positions text ____ in a cell, meaning the entry displays to the far left in the cell
  22. excel treats any combination of numbers, spaces, and nonnumeric characters as
  23. as you are clearing cell entries always remember that you shuld never press the ___ to clear a cell
    space bar
  24. makes it easxier to see and identify each cell in the worksheet
  25. presents info about the worksheet, the function of the button to which the mouse pointer is pointing or the mode of excel
    status bar
  26. provides easy central access to the tasks you perform while creating a worksheet
  27. a set of choices often graphical arranged in a grid or list
  28. appears automatically based on task you perform such as selecting text
    mini toolbar
  29. appears wehn you right click on an object
    shortcut menu
  30. provides easy access to frequently used commands, located by default above the ribbon
    quick access toolbar
  31. contains a list of commands
  32. a central locatino for managing and sharing workbooks
    microsoft office button
  33. press the alt key to dispay this keyboard code icon for certain commands
    key tip badge
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