2010.02 전체표현_수정.txt

  1. at your fingertips
    1. near you, or available for you to use immediately: He has all the information he needs at his fingertips. 2. if you have a subject at your fingertips, you have a thorough knowledge of it and can give useful information to others whenever they ask for it
  2. stroke
    a medical condition in which blood is suddenly blocked and cannot reach the brain, or in which a blood vessel in the brain breaks, often causing a loss of the ability to speak or to move particular muscles: She suffered a stroke last year, and is unable to walk.
  3. take something for granted
    to expect something always to happen or exist in a particular way, and to not think about any possible problems or difficulties: Losing my job taught me never to take anything for granted. You can't take it for granted that they'll behave themselves.
  4. heart-to-heart
    a very private conversation between two people, usually concerning their personal feelings
  5. crackdown
    strong action that someone in authority takes to stop a particular activity: Police are launching a new crackdown on drug users. a government crackdown against terrorists
  6. revelation
    a surprising piece of information: Recent revelations about his private life have dented his popularity.
  7. pummel
    to cause a lot of damage to a place: Hurricane Mitch is pummeling the Atlantic coast. Bombers pummeled the village.
  8. blizzard
    a storm with a lot of snow and strong winds: Roads were closed due to a severe blizzard.
  9. populous
    a populous nation, city, area, etc. has many people living in it
  10. bear down
    to move quickly toward someone in a determined and threatening way: I could see a police car bearing down on us.
  11. talk about...
    used for emphasizing something: Talk about cold - I was freezing! Talk about being lazy - she wouldn't move an inch!
  12. fed
    someone employed by the US government to do police work, especially an officer in the FBI
  13. subpoena
    an official legal document that says you must come to a court of law to give information
  14. cover up
    to hide the truth about something by not telling what you know or by preventing other people from telling what they know: It was a real scandal, but the school tried to cover the whole thing up. He got his powerful friends to cover up for him.
  15. vulnerable
    someone who is vulnerable is weak or easy to hurt physically or mentally: Their constant arguments left her feeling increasingly vulnerable
  16. foil
    to prevent someone from doing something that they are trying to do: The escape attempt was foiled by wardens firing in the air.
  17. martyrdom
    a martyr's pain or death
  18. prosecutor
    a lawyer whose job is to prove in court that someone accused of a crime is guilty
  19. detonator
    a piece of equipment on a bomb that makes it explode
  20. enlist
    1. if someone enlists or is enlisted, they join the armed forces of their country: In 1942, Louis enlisted as a private. Charlie left shortly after he was enlisted in the Army. 2. if you enlist someone or enlist their help, you ask them to help or support you: We must enlist families as partners in their children's education. Your only option is to enlist the services of a good lawyer.
  21. attorney general
    the most senior lawyer in some countries or US states
  22. pending
    1. waiting to be dealt with, settled, or completed: The offer to buy is still pending. the pending case/agreement/charges. 2. likely to happen soon: the pending economic union of the two countries
  23. ramification
    a complicated or unexpected way in which a decision, process, or event affects other things
  24. tank
    if something such as a product tanks, it fails completely: She released a solo single, but it tanked.
  25. botched
    badly done or badly planned, and therefore unsuccessful: a botched assassination attempt
  26. bear/take the brunt of something
    to receive the worst part of something that has a bad effect: The Education Department is expected to bear the brunt of these cuts in funding. The eastern area took the brunt of the storm. It was the capital that bore the brunt of the recent flooding.
  27. reel
    1. to move backward quickly: He reeled under the force of the punch. 2. to move in a way that is not steady, for example because of being drunk. 3. to feel very shocked, upset, or confused: The banks were reeling from the unexpectedly large losses. Local people are still reeling at the news of his death.
  28. sound off
    1. to express your opinions loudly, especially in an unreasonable way: Maria's always sounding off about politics. 2. if soldiers sound off, they count loudly together as part of a military exercise, for example while marching
  29. take aim
    1. to point a gun at something before you shoot: He quickly regained his balance, took aim, and fired. 2. to look at something and decide how to throw, swing, or kick in order to hit it
  30. All Saints' Day
    often shortened to All Saints, is a solemnity celebrated on 1 November in Western Christianity in honour of all the saints, known and unknown.
  31. bowl
    a round container used for eating, serving, or preparing food: In a large bowl, mix together the eggs, sugar, and butter. a bowl of fruit/soup
  32. the Super Bowl
    a football game played every year in the U.S. to decide which professional team is the winner of the National Football League. It is played on a Sunday known as Super Bowl Sunday and is watched on television by millions of Americans.
  33. taste buds
    the areas of your tongue that recognize the flavors of food and drinks
  34. retort
    an angry or humorous reply that you make immediately to something that someone has said: Rose flushed with annoyance and seemed about to make a sharp retort.
  35. VH1 Classic
    part of MTV Networks, a subsidiary of Viacom and primarily features music videos and concert footage from the 1970s through the mid-1990s, though it formerly included a wider range of genres and time periods
  36. classic
    a classic style of clothes, furniture, etc. is beautiful in a very simple way and will always be fashionable: a classic suit
  37. housekeeping
    the jobs that need to be done in a house, for example cleaning and cooking: We try to share the housekeeping.
  38. ought
    used for saying what is the right or sensible thing to do, or the right way to behave: You ought to get up earlier. There ought to be a ban on cigarette advertising. Teachers ought not to swear in front of the children. We don't exercise much, but we really ought to.
  39. ought
    used when you have strong reasons for believing or expecting something: It's a game that Notre Dame ought to win. The meeting ought to have finished by three o'clock.
  40. after all
    1. used for saying that something is true despite what was said or planned before: Maybe she was right after all. I'm sorry, but we've decided not to come after all. 2. used when giving a reason to explain what you have just said: I'm not really ambitious. After all, money isn't everything. She shouldn't be working so hard - she is 70, after all.
  41. Valium
    a drug used for helping people to relax and feel less nervous
  42. beside the point
    not relevant or important to the subject you are discussing: Stephen had certainly lied to her, but that was beside the point.
  43. iconic
    very famous and well known, and believed to represent a particular idea: His photographs have become iconic images of war.
  44. ripe
    ripe fruit or crops have grown to their full size and are ready to eat or use: a ripe juicy peach
  45. be ripe for something
    to be ready for something, especially a change: Some of the smaller firms are ripe for takeover.
  46. cheat on someone
    to secretly have sex with someone other than your husband, wife, or partner. You can also say that someone is unfaithful to their husband, wife, or partner: He discovered that she'd been cheating on him.
  47. cheat on something
    to cheat by not obeying the rules on something: They say she cheated on her taxes.
  48. would rather
    used for saying that you would prefer to do something or that you would prefer that something happened: I'd rather you didn't mention this matter to anyone else. He doesn't want to learn - he'd rather stay at home and play video games.
  49. pedestal
    a base on which something such as a statue stands
  50. put someone on a pedestal
    to admire or love someone so much that you believe they have no faults: Being put on a pedestal made her uncomfortable. He had a tendency to put women on a pedestal.
  51. knock someone off their pedestal
    to show that someone who is very successful or admired or loved very much has faults like everyone else
  52. put up
    to provide a large amount of money for something: The family has put up $15,000 toward the cost of the child's medical treatment.
  53. BYOB
    bring your own bottle: used on invitations to show that you should take your own wine, beer, or other drink to a party
  54. fill someone in
    to give someone details about something: My secretary will fill you in on the details.
  55. paramedic
    someone who is trained to give medical treatment to people at the place where an accident has happened
  56. boarding school
    a school in which most or all of the students live during the part of the year that they have courses
  57. practically
    almost: Allysa goes to the barn practically every day now. The system is practically impossible to deal with most of the time. That was the year of the drought when the river practically dried up.
  58. snuff
    characterized by the sensationalistic depiction of violence, especially featuring a real rather than a staged murder: snuff movies
  59. reformatory
    reform school, a place where young people are sent to live when they have committed a crime
  60. bridge
    a musical passage linking two sections of a composition
  61. break a leg
    "Break a leg" is a well-known saying in theatre which means "good luck". It is typically said to actors and musicians before they go out onto stage to perform. The expression reflects a theatrical superstition in which wishing a person "good luck" is considered bad luck.
  62. if anything
    used for saying how someone or something is different when you are not sure whether there really is any change or difference: The situation is, if anything, worsening rather than improving. If anything, he looks younger and fitter than he did before.
  63. with (all) due respect
    used when you are going to disagree with someone or criticize someone, in order to sound more polite: With due respect, is that question relevant? With all due respect to the staff, I think the exam results could have been better.
  64. be out of someone's league
    too good/difficult/expensive etc for someone: She'll never go out with someone like you: she's way out of your league.
  65. let down
    1. to allow someone or something to move to a lower position: Let the bucket down carefully into the well. 2. to use the extra cloth in the hem (=bottom fold) of a piece of clothing to make it longer. 3. BRITISH to allow the air to go out of something such as a car tyre
  66. let down
    4. to make someone disappointed by not doing something that they are expecting you to do: I was a bit late but I couldn't let them down completely. The families of the victims feel that the justice system has let them down.
  67. let down
    5. to make someone or something less likely to be successful or effective: The whole system is let down by the poor quality of the graphics.
  68. drum roll
    a continuous series of beats on a drum, especially when something exciting is going to happen
  69. man of the people
    a man who represents and understands ordinary people
  70. gig
    1. a public performance, especially of jazz or popular music: Live gigs are the most enjoyable part of my work. They play a one-off gig at London's Powerhaus on March 21. 2. a piece of work that you do for money, especially if you are self-employed: a typing/gardening/writing gig. 3. a vehicle with two wheels pulled by a horse, used in the past
  71. weird
    strange and unusual, sometimes in a way that upsets you: bizarre: I had a weird dream last night. The weird thing is, nobody else noticed.
  72. weird out
    to make uneasy, bewildered, or disquieted by something considered very strange: that movie weirds me out
  73. messed up
    someone who is messed up has emotional or mental problems because unpleasant things have happened to them
  74. gross
    1. a gross amount of money is the total amount before taxes or costs have been taken out: a company with gross revenues of $50,000,000. In 1984 women earned only 66 per cent of men's gross weekly earnings.
  75. gross
    2. gross actions are extremely bad and are considered immoral by most people: He was dismissed for gross misconduct. They were accused of gross negligence. That is a gross distortion of the truth.
  76. gross
    3. extremely unpleasant. This word is used mainly by young people.
  77. what's got into someone?
    used for asking why someone is behaving in an unusual or annoying way
  78. smash
    to break something noisily into many pieces by dropping or hitting it with a lot of force: Someone had smashed a window.
  79. adjust
    to change something slightly in order to make it better, more accurate, or more effective: Stir in the lemon juice and adjust the seasoning.
  80. a round of applause
    a period of time when an audience reacts by clapping their hands: I want you all to give her a big round of applause.
  81. boo
    people in an audience shout "boo" to show that they disagree with a speaker or dislike a performance
  82. Bronx cheer
    a sound made to show that you do not like or approve of something, made by blowing hard with your tongue between your lips. The British word is raspberry.
  83. clap
    an action of hitting your hands together
  84. ovation
    if an audience gives someone an ovation, they clap their hands to express their admiration or enjoyment
  85. standing ovation
    an enthusiastic reaction to a performance or speech in which people stand and clap to show how much they enjoyed or approved of it
  86. not that I know of
    used for answering that you think something is not true, although you are not completely certain
  87. fill someone in
    to give someone details about something: My secretary will fill you in on the details.
  88. let someone in on something
    to tell someone a secret: If you promise not to tell, I'll let you in on a secret. They were planning something, but they wouldn't let me in on it.
  89. neither
    used for showing that a negative statement also applies to someone or something else: Adams was not invited, and neither were any of his friends. "I don't like him." "Neither do I." "Sue can't swim." "Neither can Perry." "I don't feel like going to the party." "Me neither."
  90. hold someone responsible/accountable/liable
    to believe that someone is responsible for something
  91. line
    a quantity of an illegal drug that is arranged into a line before being taken: a line of cocaine
  92. compassion
    a feeling of sympathy for someone who is in a bad situation because you understand and care about them: Both women shared a compassion for victims of war. They had acted out of compassion.
  93. break into something
    1. to enter a building or car by using force, in order to steal something: Someone broke into my car and stole the radio. Her house was broken into last week.
  94. break into something
    2. to become involved in a new job or business activity: She made an attempt to break into journalism. It's a profession that is very hard to break into. Many British firms have failed in their attempts to break into the American market.
  95. break into something
    3. to start to spend money that you did not want to spend: I don't want to break into my savings unless I have to.
  96. trash
    1. to damage or destroy something, either deliberately or because you did not take good care of it: The previous tenants completely trashed the flat. 2. to criticize someone or something in a very strong way: Everyone loves to trash politicians. 3. to get rid of something
  97. move in
    1. to start living in a different house or flat: We're moving in next week. 2. to start living in the same place as someone else: He's moving in with his friends from college.
  98. move in
    3. to move closer to a person or place, for example to arrest or attack them: The troops moved in while the enemy was sleeping.
  99. think badly/less of somebody
    to disapprove of someone or what they have done: Please don't think badly of me. Do you think less of me for agreeing to do it?
  100. fall for someone
    to be very attracted to someone and to start to love them: He fell for Rosie when he was in hospital and she was his nurse.
  101. fall for something
    to believe that a trick or a joke is true: How could you fall for such an obvious trick?
  102. go on
    to walk onto a stage to begin your part in a performance: I don't go on until the final act.
  103. all bets are off
    If all bets are off, then agreements that have been made no longer apply.
  104. question
    if the police question someone, they ask them questions to find out what they know about a crime: A man is being questioned by detectives in connection with the murder of a young girl.
  105. trafficking
    the business of buying and selling things such as drugs or weapons illegally. Someone who does this is called a trafficker.
  106. human trafficking
    the business of helping people to enter a country illegally and forcing them to work there for very little money because they have no rights
  107. holdup
    1. a situation in which someone threatens people in a bank or store with a weapon in order to get money or goods. 2. a short delay
  108. wheel
    a round object that turns around and around to make a car, bicycle, or other vehicle move: a bicycle/wagon/car wheel, the front/rear wheels of a car
  109. wheels
    a car: The girls go for the boy with the nicest-looking wheels.
  110. wheel of fortune
    used for referring to the fact that situations can change very quickly from good to bad or from bad to good
  111. golden oldie
    1. something such as a song or movie that is old but still popular. 2. a famous person who has been popular for a very long time
  112. holler
    to shout very loudly
  113. take back
    1. to take something that you have bought back to the shops because it is broken or not suitable: If you don't like the scarf, I can take it back.
  114. take back
    2. to accept someone again after they have left a relationship, job etc and want to return to it: She had an affair, but then he took her back.
  115. take back
    3. to admit that something you said to or about someone was wrong: I didn't mean what I said - I take it back.
  116. take someone back
    to remind someone of something in the past: This song always takes me back to my childhood.
  117. far-fetched
    difficult to believe because it is very unlikely
  118. vibe
    a general feeling that you get from a person or place: I didn't get many good vibes from the club.
  119. be an item
    if two people are an item, they are having a romantic or sexual relationship
  120. fairy
    an imaginary creature with magic powers that looks like a small person with wings
  121. clamour or clamor
    1. an urgent request for something by a lot of people: There is a growing clamour for a ban on genetically modified foods. 2. a very loud noise made by a lot of people or things, for example when a lot of people are shouting: I couldn't hear anything above the clamour of the crowd.
  122. clamor
    to become loudly insistent: clamored for his impeachment
  123. land
    1. to catch a fish and pull it out of the water. 2. to get something that you wanted, especially a job or opportunity: At the age of 19 she landed a small role in a West End play. He was hoping to land the job on a permanent basis.
  124. endorsement
    an occasion when someone famous says in an advertisement that they like a product
  125. self-doubt
    the feeling of not having confidence in yourself or your abilities
  126. play off somebody/something
    to deliberately use a fact, action, idea etc in order to make what you are doing better or to get an advantage: The two musicians played off each other in a piece of inspired improvisation.
  127. rise to the challenge/occasion
    to deal successfully with a problem or situation that is especially difficult: It's not an easy task, but I'm sure John will rise to the challenge.
  128. nationalism
    1. the wish for political independence of a group of people with the same language, culture, history etc: Scottish nationalism. 2. the belief that your nation is better than other nations: The leaders discussed the danger posed by an upsurge of extreme nationalism.
  129. hash
    a meal made from small pieces of meat and potato cooked together
  130. sick
    1. if something that someone does or says is sick, it is so unpleasant that it would upset some people: sick humor/jokes. 2. used about someone who behaves in a cruel or unpleasant way: If you ask me, he's sick.
  131. blue
    feeling slightly sad: She usually calls her mother when she's feeling blue.
  132. ta-da or ta-dah
    used as mock fanfare to call attention to something remarkable
  133. trifecta
    a series or set of three things or influences
  134. stinking
    1. with a very unpleasant smell: mountains of stinking garbage. 2. very unpleasant: I had a stinking cold.
  135. undies
  136. chakra
    any of the seven main areas of spiritual energy in your body, according to a yoga theory
  137. out of whack
    1. not working normally: The buses and trains are all out of whack today because of the snow. 2. feeling slightly sick: I didn't sleep well last night and I'm all out of whack.
  138. bruise
    to cause a mark to appear on someone's body by hitting or knocking it
  139. aura
    a quality that seems to surround or come from a person, place, or situation: an aura of innocence. the aura of history that surrounds the place
  140. gyp
    • a situation in which you feel you have been tricked or cheated when you buy something: This package is only half full! What a gyp!terrific
    • very good or interesting: I feel terrific today. Cindy has a terrific personality. That's terrific! a terrific bargain/deal/offer
  141. cushdy
    very good or satisfactory
  142. phat
    very good in quality
  143. splendid
    very impressive, or very good: She is a splendid painter. You have a splendid opportunity to do something different and original. I think a party is a splendid idea!
  144. singular
    very good: a singular success
  145. ace
    1. very skillful: an ace pilot/player/skier. 2. Their new song is ace!
  146. androgynous
    1. an androgynous person is neither clearly male nor clearly female. 2. an androgynous animal or plant has both male and female parts
  147. glamor
    a special quality that makes a person, place, or situation seem very exciting, attractive, or fashionable: Most other cities cannot rival Hollywood for glamour. Her presence adds a touch of glamour to the government team.
  148. lash
  149. brick
    a block used for building walls and other structures: He laid every brick himself. The church was built entirely of brick. a brick wall
  150. brick house
    full-figured female. really built: That chick is a brick house.
  151. talk someone into/out of (doing) something
    to persuade someone to do something or not to do something: I talked her into going to Atlanta with me. His father talked him out of moving out.
  152. blush
    1. a red color in your cheeks that appears when you feel embarrassed or ashamed. 2. a red powder or cream that women put on their cheeks
  153. bitching
  154. bouncer
    someone whose job is to make certain that no one causes trouble in a bar or club, for example by not allowing particular people to come in
  155. up for something
    willing to do a particular activity: "What do you feel like doing?" "I'd be up for just about anything."
  156. Archie
    Archie Comics is an American comic book publisher headquartered in the Village of Mamaroneck, Town of Mamaroneck, New York, known for its many series featuring the fictional teenagers Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle and Forsythe "Jughea" Jones.
  157. geek
    someone who is boring, especially because they seem to be interested only in computers
  158. loins
    the part of your body below your waist at the front
  159. lock out
    1. to prevent someone from coming into a room or building by locking the door: She locked him out of the house after an argument. I've locked myself out again - could I use your phone? 2. if a company locks out its workers, it closes their place of work so that they cannot go to work until they agree to the employer's conditions
  160. come off (something)
    if something such as dirt or paint comes off something, it is removed by washing or rubbing: The chewing gum wouldn't come off.
  161. come off (something)
    to stop being attached to something: I pulled at the drawer, and the handle came off. One of the legs has come off the table.
  162. come off (something)
    to fall off something that you are riding: She'd come off her new bike and hurt her knee.
  163. come off something
    to stop taking something such as a medicine or drug: She'd been advised to come off the medication immediately.
  164. come off
    to succeed: What if their plan doesn't come off? The party didn't quite come off as we had hoped.
  165. come off
    to happen: Another competition is coming off in the summer.
  166. come off
    to achieve a particular result in an activity, especially a competition or fight: come off well/badly/best/worst: He came off quite badly in the exchange of insults.
  167. come off
    to leave a sports field and be replaced by another member of your team
  168. come off
    same as come across: I don't want to come off as desperate.
  169. come off
    1. used for telling someone to stop doing or saying something: Come off it - she was only trying to help. 2. used for telling someone that you do not believe them or that what they are saying is stupid: Come off it, I know lots of men who do housework.
  170. fruity
    1. tasting or smelling like fruit: a fruity red wine. 2. containing a lot of fruit: a rich fruity pie. 3. a fruity voice or laugh is deep and strong in a pleasant way. 4. BRITISH INFORMAL dealing with sex in a humorous or slightly shocking way. 5. Something that seems odd or queer. Not neccesarily "gay".
  171. pantyhose
    a piece of women's clothing made of very thin cloth that covers the body tightly from the toes to the waist and is usually worn under dresses and skirts. The British word is tights.
  172. girlie
    1. a girlie show or magazine shows women wearing no clothes. 2. looking or behaving like a young girl: She's very girlie, all frills and curls. 3. suitable for girls and women rather than boys or men: girlie names
  173. so much for something
    1. used for showing that you think a particular idea, statement, or activity has no value. Another rise in income tax. So much for all those election promises. 2. used for showing that you have finished talking about something: So much for polite introductions. It's now time to get down to business.
  174. bite
    to have an unpleasant effect: The economic slowdown is beginning to bite.
  175. prop up
    1. to stop something from falling by putting something under it or against it: The wall was propped up with wooden poles. 2. to help a government, system, organization etc to continue to exist, especially by providing financial or military support: This new initiative is a desperate attempt to prop up the economy.
  176. candy-coated or sugarcoated
    trying to make something seem less unpleasant than it is: He painted a sugar-coated picture of military service.
  177. righteous
    righteous feelings are caused by a belief that you are right to feel angry, for example because of something bad or wrong: a storm of righteous indignation from free-speech campaigners
  178. outrage
    an event or action that makes you feel extremely angry and upset: This decision is an absolute outrage!
  179. foxy
    sexually attractive
  180. throne
    1. a special chair that a king or queen sits on. 2. the throne the position of being a king or queen: an heir to the throne: Queen Victoria was still on the throne then. 3. the throne: the toilet
  181. pay off
    1. if something that you do pays off, it brings you some benefit: All those weeks of studying will pay off when you take the exam.
  182. pay off
    2. to give someone all the money that you have borrowed from them to buy something: Only another six months and the house will be paid off.
  183. pay off
    3. to stop employing a worker and give them any money that they are owed: Over 1,000 workers will be paid off if this factory closes.
  184. pay off
    4. to give someone money so that they will do something bad or dishonest for you: There were suspicions that officials had been paid off. They threatened to tell reporters about him unless he paid them off.
  185. big shot
    an important person in an organization
  186. figure
    someone who is important in some way
  187. magnate
    a successful and important person with a lot of power in a particular industry
  188. prime mover
    someone who has a major influence on the starting or development of something
  189. leading light
    a very important or respected person in a group, organization, or area of activity
  190. establishment
    used for referring to powerful people in a particular profession or section of society
  191. eminence
    an important respected person
  192. authority figure
    someone who is or seems strong and powerful
  193. mover and shaker
    someone who is powerful or who has a lot of influence
  194. a force to be reckoned with
    a person, business etc, especially an opponent, whose influence or ability deserves to be respected
  195. The River Styx
    a river in Greek mythology which formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld
  196. pull up
    1. if a vehicle or driver pulls up, they stop: Their taxi pulled up outside the church. 2. if you pull up, or if something pulls you up, you unexpectedly stop what you are doing.
  197. pull up a chair/stool/seat etc
    to move a seat near to where someone is sitting, and sit on it
  198. pull someone up on something
    to criticize someone about something they are not doing well enough: Last week my five-year-old pulled me up on my spelling!
  199. pull someone up short
    to make someone unexpectedly stop in surprise and think: The question pulled Rory up short.
  200. come to think of/about it
    used for adding something that you have just remembered about a subject that you are talking about: I love getting her letters. Come to think of it, I haven't had one for a while.
  201. turn someone on
    to make someone feel sexually attracted or sexually excited: He's very nice, but he just doesn't turn me on.
  202. turn-on
    something that makes you feel sexually attracted or excited
  203. stud
    1. a valuable male animal with good qualities, especially a horse or a bull that people breed to produce young animals. 2. a man who is admired for being sexually attractive and good at sex: He thinks he's such a stud.
  204. falls
    a waterfall, a place where water flows over the edge of a cliff, rock, or other steep place onto another level below: We went to swim under the falls.
  205. rip
    to tear something quickly and with a lot of force: Jodie ripped the letter open. Stop pulling my shirt - you'll rip it.
  206. clubhouse
    a building where members of a club meet and have social events
  207. park
    to put yourself or something in a particular place for a long time, often annoying other people: He parked himself in front of the TV and stayed there all afternoon. She's parked an enormous pile of papers on my desk and I haven't a clue what to do with them.
  208. only
    used to show what is the single or main reason why something mentioned in the first part of the sentence cannot be performed or is not completely true: I'd invite Frances to the party, only I don't want her husband to come. I'd phone him myself, only I've got to go out. I'd be happy to do it for you, only don't expect it to be done before next week. This fabric is similar to wool, only cheaper.
  209. blimp
    a type of airship
  210. cross your heart (and hope to die)
    used as a way of making a promise, especially between children, said to show that what you have just said or promised is completely true or sincere: "I won't tell - cross my heart!"
  211. back out
    to decide not to do something you agreed to do: I promised to help and I'm not backing out now. We're hoping that no one will back out of the deal.
  212. double
    twice as much, or twice as many: It'll cost you double what you paid last time. double the amount/number/size etc.: He now earns double the amount he used to. There are only fifteen children in the class at the moment but it could be double that next term.
  213. what do you say I/we do something?
    used for making a suggestion: What do you say we find ourselves an apartment together?
  214. wilderness
    an area of land where people do not live or grow crops and where there are no buildings: the Alaskan wilderness
  215. elderly
    an elderly person is old. Many people now think that this word is offensive but it is often used in talking about policies and conditions that affect old people: An elderly gentleman was standing at the hotel counter. Not all elderly people can live with their relatives. This treatment is unsuitable for patients who are elderly and frail.
  216. pin
    to fasten something, or to hold it in place using pins: Maps were pinned to the walls. She pinned the brooch on her dress. Lucy pinned back her hair and began to put on her makeup.
  217. snipe
    a bird with a long thin beak that lives mainly in wet areas
  218. beady
    beady eyes are small, round, and bright
  219. gobble
    1. down/up: to eat something quickly and often noisily. 2. to make the sound made by a turkey
  220. azalea
    a bush with pink, purple, or yellow flowers grown in yards
  221. infirm
    weak because of old age or illness
  222. if only
    1. used for saying that you would like a situation to be different: If only we could afford to buy a place of our own. If only you knew how hard I've tried to please you. There's so much more I could do if only I had the time. 2. used for saying that when something good happens, it may only be for a limited purpose, time, etc. I wish he'd come and see us sometime, if only just to say hello.
  223. crafty
    good at getting what you want, especially in a slightly dishonest way: You crafty so-and-so!
  224. burrow
    • a hole or tunnel in the ground made by an animal such as a rabbitsoil
    • to make something dirty: She was afraid she might soil her new dress.
  225. ...and stuff (like that)
    used for referring to things that are similar or related to the subject that you are discussing: We need some meat and stuff for dinner. She wants us to smile more, and stuff like that.
  226. steer
    to control the direction in which a vehicle moves: Jack steered while Ken gave directions. We steered the boat into the marina.
  227. knock it off
    used for telling someone to stop doing something
  228. jerk
    to move very suddenly, or to make something move suddenly: The train jerked forward. Jerking her head toward the valley, she said, "What's down there?" The taxi jerked to a stop outside a large hotel.
  229. jerk someone around
    to treat someone in an unfair or dishonest way
  230. jerk around
    to behave in a stupid way
  231. cumulonimbus
    a mass of very tall thick cloud that usually brings rain and sometimes thunder
  232. cumulus
    a large low white cloud that is round at the top and flat at the bottom. Cumulus clouds form at the lower levels of the atmosphere.
  233. cinch
    1. something that is very easy to do: This cake is delicious, and a cinch to make. 2. something that is certain to happen: You're a cinch for the championship.
  234. GPS
    global positioning system: a system for finding exactly where you are anywhere in the world using satellites
  235. fare
    1. the money that you pay for a trip: She had argued with a cab driver after refusing to pay her fare. air/bus/train/taxi fare. 2. a passenger in a taxi. 3. the type of food that is available, especially in a restaurant or cafe. 4. used for referring to what someone or something usually does or has: The magazine contained the usual fare of celebrity romances and beauty tips.
  236. hoist
    to lift someone or something to a higher place: Tim hoisted the boy onto his shoulders. The bridge was hoisted into place by a crane.
  237. sign off on
    sign off on something to officially agree to something: White House officials said the president has signed off on the policy and issued an executive order.
  238. weigh down
    to make someone heavy and unable to move easily: If you weigh yourself down you'll get very tired. The waiters were weighed down by huge trays of food.
  239. there's no such thing/person as
    used for saying that a particular type of thing/person does not exist:There's no such thing as luck. I was six when I discovered that there was no such person as Santa Claus.
  240. track
    a mark that a person, animal, or vehicle leaves on the ground: a bear track
  241. track
    to follow or find someone or something by looking for evidence that shows where they have gone: I tracked him as far as the factory.
  242. tracker
    a person or animal that has been trained to find other people or animals
  243. pack
    1. a group of wild animals that live and hunt together, especially wolves. 2. a group of hounds that are trained to hunt together
  244. up close
    at close range
  245. howl
    1. the long loud sound that a dog or similar animal makes. 2. a long loud cry of pain, anger, or sadness: a howl of rage/pain/anguish. 3. a loud sound of laughing: There were howls from the audience.
  246. clear out
    to leave a place quickly and often permanently: I sometimes feel like clearing out of here altogether. Just clear out!
  247. bug
    1. to annoy someone: It really bugs me when people smoke in restaurants. She keeps bugging me to paint the kitchen. 2. o hide a small piece of electronic equipment somewhere so that you can secretly listen to what people are saying: He was convinced that his office was bugged.
  248. damnedest
    most strange or surprising: People write to us about the damnedest things.
  249. darn or darned
    used for emphasizing what you are saying, especially when you are annoyed about something: I can't see a darn thing with these glasses! We've worked darned hard on this project!
  250. oblige
    1. to force someone to do something because it is the law, a rule, or a duty: Employers are legally obliged to pay the minimum wage. They felt obliged to offer him hospitality. 2. to help someone by doing something that they have asked you to do: The neighbors asked to borrow our ladder, and I duly obliged. If there's anything else I can do, I'm always happy to oblige.
  251. stateside or Stateside
    used for talking about the U.S. and U.S. life by someone who is not in the U.S.: Wimpey had plenty of potential to grow the stateside business.
  252. impose
    to cause extra work for someone by asking them to do something that may not be convenient for them: They invited me to dinner, but I didn't want to impose. I was worried that they would think I was imposing myself. Please come and stay. You wouldn't be imposing on us at all.
  253. treat
    1. something special that you do or buy for yourself or someone else: It's a real treat to see you again. As a special treat, we were allowed to stay up until midnight. 2. an occasion when you pay for something for someone else: I'd like this lunch to be my treat.
  254. rightful
    officially or legally accepted as right or correct: The stolen paintings have now been restored to their rightful owners. The hero eventually gains his rightful place in society. I only want what's rightfully mine.
  255. fraud
    someone who pretends to be an official or professional person in order to trick people
  256. cheat
    someone who cheats
  257. fixer
    someone who uses illegal or dishonest methods to arrange matters and get the results they want
  258. crook
    someone who is dishonest, especially someone who uses their position of power for their own personal advantage
  259. wheeler-dealer
    someone who uses clever or slightly dishonest methods to get advantages from a lot of situations at the same time, especially in business or politics
  260. conman
    a man who tricks other people, especially in order to get their money
  261. politician
    someone who is good at using people or situations to their own advantage
  262. the lowest of the low
    someone who behaves in a very dishonest or immoral way
  263. clear
    to prove officially that someone did not do something wrong: The two men were cleared of murder yesterday.
  264. smoke
    1. to suck smoke from a cigarette, pipe etc into your mouth and lungs: Phil was reading the paper and smoking a cigarette. 2. to produce smoke: By the time I got to the garage, the engine was smoking alarmingly. 3. to preserve and give flavor to fish or other food by hanging it in smoke
  265. smoke out
    1. to force a person, animal, or insect to leave the place where they have been hiding by filling it with smoke. 2. to force someone keeping a secret to say who they are or what they have done
  266. deadly
    1. able or likely to kill people. 2. complete: A deadly silence followed her announcement. Don't say anything to anyone - this is meant to be a deadly secret. 3. very boring: Some of our lectures were pretty deadly! 4. always able to achieve the intended result, effect, or purpose: The Australian captain is a deadly goal scorer.
  267. deathly
    making you think of death or a dead person: a deathly silence/hush
  268. labyrinth
    1. a place where there are a lot of paths or passages and you can easily become lost: a labyrinth of dark caves. 2. a system or process that has a lot of very complicated details
  269. bandit
    a thief who attacks travellers, usually with other thieves
  270. go
    used when you are telling a story for saying what someone has said: So he goes, 'I know what I'm doing,' and she goes, 'I don't think so.'
  271. run off
    to suddenly leave a place or person: Their dad ran off when they were little.
  272. acorn
    the nut of an oak tree, shaped like a small egg with a cover like a cup at one end
  273. lodge
    1. a small simple house in the countryside that people stay in, for example when they go hunting or fishing. 2. a small room at the entrance to a building such as a university, used by the person who lets people in and out. 3. a local group that belongs to an organization such as the freemasons, or the place where such a group meets. 4. the home that a beaver makes
  274. sweat lodge
    The sweat lodge (also called purification ceremony, sweat house, medicine lodge, medicine house, or simply sweat) is a ceremonial sauna and is an important way of life for some North American First Nations or Native American cultures
  275. afterward or afterwards
    after something else that you have already mentioned: Let's go and see a film and afterwards we could go for a meal. I didn't see her again until a few days afterwards.
  276. Butter Brickle
    Butter Brickle was the registered trademark of a toffee ice cream flavoring and of a toffee-centered chocolate-covered candy bar similar to the Heath bar.
  277. if it kills you
    used for emphasizing that you will do something even if it is extremely difficult: I'm going to pass this exam if it kills me.
  278. leash
    a long narrow piece of leather, chain etc that you fasten to the collar around a dog's neck in order to control the dog: lead: All dogs must be kept on a lead in the park.
  279. unleash
    1. to allow someone or something to be free when they were previously strictly controlled. 2. to do or to cause something that has a very powerful or harmful effect: The new tax laws have unleashed a storm of criticism.
  280. mountaineer
    someone who climbs high or dangerous mountains
  281. mountaineering
    the activity of climbing mountains: a mountaineering club
  282. lore
    traditional knowledge about nature and their culture that people get from their parents and other older people, not from books
  283. the call of duty
    the feeling that you must do something because it is your duty: His efforts frequently went beyond the call of duty.
  284. above and beyond
    apart from something, or outside the normal range of something: The agency is asking for $2 million above and beyond the $16 million it has already been given. Rescue teams had worked above and beyond the call of duty during the hurricane.
  285. bestow
    to give valuable property or an important right or honour to someone: The king had friends on whom he bestowed land and privileges.
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