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  1. List the 7 labeling/assessment necessities for x-rays
    • Name
    • Date
    • Facility
    • R/L
    • View
    • Quality
    • NWB or WB
  2. What are the four x-ray protocols?
    • Position
    • Form
    • Density
    • Architecture
  3. What is Distraction?
    Two bones that are not together
  4. What is Impaction?
    Two bones pushed together
  5. What is subluxation?
    Partial dislocation
  6. What is Apposition?
    Amount of alignment b/t fractured bones
  7. What are the two planes of dislocation?
    Transverse and sagittal
  8. What does an increased & decreased talocalcaneal angle tell us on an x-ray?
    • increased: pes planavalgus (flat feet)
    • decreased: pes cavus (high arch)
  9. What type of x-ray would you take for a 5th met fracture?
    Sesamoid axial
  10. Name the 5 form terminologies of x-ray?
    • Girth
    • Tubulation
    • Length
    • Growth
    • Contour
  11. Which toe should be the longest in an x-ray?
  12. What met should the 3rd line up with?
    1st met
  13. Terms for increased/decreased density?
    • increased: radiopaque, sclerosis, eburnation
    • decreased: radiolucent, osteopenic, osteolytic
  14. relation b/t subject (white) & optict density (black)?
    As SD increases, OD decreases
  15. When will soft tissue gas appear in an x-ray and what is its color?
    • appears during infection (e.g. cellulitis bacteria)
    • black/dark grey
  16. T/F periosteum should appear on x-rays?
    F, if it does then it is a sign of infection and should be treated with IV antibiotics ASAP
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