AC130 hydraulics

  1. the booster and utility hydraulics are equiped with a _____ gallon-per-min pump
  2. the booster system controlls
    • flight control boost system
    • 40mm & 105mm Trainable gun mounts (TGMs)
    • 105mm gun retraction
  3. the utility system operates
    8 things
    • landing gear
    • wing flaps
    • brakes
    • UARRSI
    • radar
    • nose wheel steering
    • 25mm ASHS
    • a portion of the flight control boost system
  4. the Aux system controls
    7 things
    • cargo door & ramp
    • powers the 35mm TGM
    • emerg brakes
    • emerg UARRSI
    • landing gear ext
    • nose wheel steering
    • Emerg nose gear ext
  5. what seperates the upper and lower chambers for all 3 systems and why
    baffle plate and check valves

    during negative G conditions, trap the fluid in the lower chamber and prevent fluid from rising above the pump inlet opening.

    this prevents pump cavitation and illumination of the pump low pressure warning lights.
  6. utility system Qnty
    4.3 Gallon
  7. Utility pressure
    3000 PSI
  8. what provides protection for system overpressure
    pressure relief valve
  9. where is the rudder and elevator isolation valve?
    left gun deck wall, above the 40mm gun and aft of the left wheel well.
  10. where is the brake and radar isolation valve
    FS 477 above the outer wall of the BMC
  11. booster system has a ____ gallon reservoir
  12. Aux hydro system has a ____ gallon reservoir
  13. where is the manually operated nose landing gear emerg ext valve located
    left gun deck just aft of the crew entry door at FS 260
  14. manually operated landing gear ext valve is located where
    on the utility hydraulic pannel at FS 440
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