Review Exam 2

  1. interlocultory
    interim or temporary
  2. arbitration
    alternative to ligitation
  3. divisable
    enforceable only in part
  4. condonation
  5. Get
    jewish divorces
  6. ex parte
    only one side is present
  7. equitable estoppel
    prevented from asserting a right
  8. res
    thing, object, or status
  9. pro se
    representing oneself
  10. interrogatories
    factual questions
  11. collusion
    agreement to commit fraud
  12. bequest
    gift by will
  13. consideration
    that which is exchanged
  14. outstanding
  15. operation of law
    occuring automatically
  16. dower
    lifetime use of land
  17. QDRO
    sharing a pension
  18. commingling
    one account
  19. at arm's length
    as between strangers
  20. alimony in gross
    lump sum
  21. consanguinity
    relationship by blood
  22. forum
    place of a trial
  23. nonage
    below the minimum age
  24. testate
    die leaving a valid will
  25. standing
    right to bring a court claim
  26. Enoch Arden defense
    presumption of death
  27. legal separation
    still married
  28. grounds
    realtionship by marriage
  29. affinity
    acceptable reasons
  30. ratification
    retroactive approval
  31. heart balm action
    breach of promise to marry
  32. irrevocable
    valid gift
  33. damages
    payment of money
  34. civil union
    has same state rights as a marriage
  35. rational basis
    constitutional test
  36. common law marriage
    has same rights as ceremonial marriage
  37. Mini-DOMA
    refusal to recognize same sex marriage
  38. miscegenation
    marriage between the races
  39. dower
    widow's right
  40. domestic partners
    has some rights of a marriage
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