Rocks and Minerals

  1. Name an igneous rock that has many tiny holes, is lightweight and crumbly.
  2. Describe the rock cycle.
    Three basic types of rocks changing from one type into another.
  3. What is an ore?
    An ore is mineral-bearing rock.
  4. Give at least three examples of metamorphic rocks and what they used to be.
    • granite - gneiss
    • limestone - marble
    • sandstone - quartzite
    • shale - slate
    • slate - shist
  5. Name the properties used to identify rock-forming minerals.
    cleavage, color, hardness, luster, streak
  6. Why is color not the best property for identifying minerals?
    Many different minerals have the same color.
  7. Describe the size and texture of the crystals in an igneous rock that has cooled slowly?
    The crystals will be large and have a rough texture.
  8. What is Moh's Scale of Hardness?
    Moh's scale is used to rank the hardness of minerals. The softest mineral is talc and it is #1. The hardest mineral is diamond, #10.
  9. Many sedimentary rocks are formed in layers of _________.
  10. Metamorphic rocks are formed in extreme ________ and _______________.
    heat and pressure
  11. Which mineral can you scratch with your fingernail, calcite or quartz?
  12. What would be the best rock to use for constructing a building, sandstone or granite? Why?
    Granite. It is very hard.
  13. Sometimes metamorphic rocks have wavy or straight _________ of color.
  14. In which type of rock might you find fossils?
  15. Which type of rock is formed from magma, lava, or some other type of volcanic action?
  16. Name an igneous rock that is glassy with no visible crystals.
  17. Name the most common mineral on earth.
  18. Name at least three uses for igneous rocks.
    • granite: building materials
    • pumice: cleaning and beauty products
    • obsidian: surgical tools
  19. Name at least three uses for sedimentary rocks.
    • limestone: cement, swimming pools
    • tile, pottery
  20. Name at least three uses for metamorphic rocks.
    statues, roofs, building materials
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Rocks and Minerals
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