Biology Lab 3

  1. Organic compounds
    One whose molecules contain carbon in the form of chains or rings
  2. Inorganic compound
    Does not contain carbon arranged in chains or rings
  3. Monomers
    chains of smaller molecules that make up the 4 organic compounds
  4. Polymers
    Monomers put together and formed by dehydration synthesis
  5. Dehydration synthesis
    The loss of a water molecule between each pair of monomers
  6. Test for organic compounds
    • If the compound turns black after heated over a flame, then the compound is organic.
    • Sugar and meat are organic
    • Table salt and baking soda are inorganic
  7. Disaccharides
    Sugars that consist of 2 monosaccharides linked together
  8. Reducing sugars
    • when mono. and di. have the ability to add electrons to reduce other molecules
    • Have free carbonyl groups in close proximity to hydroxyl groups
  9. The reducing sugar test
    Mixed the test material with 2 ml of benedict's reagent. When heated, if the material stays blue, it does not have a reducing sugar in it. If it turns any other color, then it has reducing sugar.
  10. Starch
    A polysaccharide consisting of many glucose molecules linked together
  11. The starch test
    Mix the test material and 5 drops of Iodine. If the test turns black, then it has starch in it. If the test turns brown, it does not have starch
  12. Lipids
    • Oily or waxy compounds
    • Generally insoluble in water but are soluble in organic solvents
  13. Tryglycerides
    3 fatty acids and one glycerol
  14. Sudan stain test for lipids
    • Mix veg oil and water...they don't miz (emulsion)
    • Add sudan stain, and it merges the oil and water together
  15. Greasy spot test for lipids
    Oil and sucrose of a piece of disappears, and one remains
  16. Amino acids
    What polymers are made up of with protein
  17. Biuret test for protein
    Miz test material and biuret reagent. If mixture turns violet, there is protein. If mixture turns blue, there is no protein
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