Sec9 Air Masses

  1. When air moves slowly, it takes on the temperature and humidity of its region, becoming what?
    an air mass
  2. continental polar, continental tropical, maritime polar and maritime tropical are the four main what?
    air masses
  3. An air mass that originates in the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean an brings cold , moist air is called what?
    Maritime polar
  4. Air masses responsibe for cool, dry air i northern summers are what?
    Continental polar
  5. What do scientists study to track global weather patterns?
    upper atmospheric conditions
  6. How can marine weather condition be monitered?
    by weather satellites
  7. Where do weather station repost data?
    to collection centers
  8. Do weather centers all over the world exchange it with others centers?
  9. A system that uses radio waves to determine the velocity and location of objects is called?
  10. After a tornado touches down does it usually follow a haphazard path?
  11. Meteorologists have tried to conrtol hurricanes through the use of what?
    freezing nuclei
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