Sec8 Water in the Atmosphere

  1. The temperature at which the rate of condensation equals the rate of evaporation is called?
    the dew point
  2. If the temperature remains the same and the air becomes more moist, does the relative humidity increase or decrease?
    it increases
  3. If enough energy is absorbed by liquid water will the water change to gas?
  4. The mass of water vapor in a unit of air relative to the mass of dry air is called?
    Relative humidity
  5. An instrument that measures precipitation by bouncing radio waves off rain or snow is called?
    Doppler radar
  6. In order for clouds to form condensation what must be present?
  7. Based on the results from cloud seeding so far, will meteorolgists most likely continue experimenting? why?
    yes, because the results are mixed
  8. The process by which the temperature of an air mass decreases as the air mass moves over a cold surface is called?
    advective cooling
  9. A cloud whose name has the prefix nimbo- or suffix -nimbus is what?
    its rain producing
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Sec8 Water in the Atmosphere
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