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  1. ´╗┐the air forces primary combined software/server tool for handling the task of mass-produced software fixes and updates on the entire base network
    systems management server (SMS)
  2. Designed for evaluating target clients for software update compliance
    integrated scanner
  3. designed to allow the ISV or line-of business (LOB) applicaiton developer to create software update catalogs that can be imported into SMS
    publishing tool
  4. the goal of this is to build a more secure and reliable infrastructure while lowering operating costs and manpower expenditures
    system management server (sms) and inventory tool for custom updates(ITCU)
  5. used to prevent errors which will increase organizational uptime and help build a more secure network infrastructure
    scan tool for vulnerability assessment (SVTA)
  6. SVTA uses what to provide vulnerability assessment reporting for common software misconfigurations?
    Microsoft baseline security analyzer (MBSA) 2.0 engine
  7. a hard disk storage that is set up with its own network address rather than being attached to a server
    network attached storage (NAS)
  8. A network architecture to attach remote computer storage devices to servers in such a way that the devices appear as locally attached to the operating system
    storage area network (SAN)
  9. a system of ranking and organizing things where each element of the system is subordinate to another element
  10. a hard disk is divided into ()-byte sectors
  11. the first partition of a hard drive contains what
    one logical drive
  12. the second partition is divided into what
    2 logical drives
  13. the first sector at the beginning of a hard drive (512 bytes located on head 0, track 0, sector 1) is called what?
    the master boot sector or master boot record (MBR)
  14. The MBR contains what?
    the master boot program and the partition table
  15. a primary partition can have how many logical drives?
  16. an extended partition can have how many logical drives?
  17. a formatted disk partition used for a particular file system
  18. needed for the os to track where files and folders are placed on the drive, each logical drive or volume must have this installed
    file system
  19. standard file system for early windows-based computers
    fat 16
  20. retains some features of original fat but reduces the maximum size limit of the file cluster to improve efficiency
    fat 32
  21. current most common file system
  22. storage type supporting partition-oriented disks
    basic disks
  23. storage type supporting volume-oriented disks
    dynamic disk
  24. What type of storage type is most commonly used when implementing raid?
    dynamic disk
  25. a collection of disks that provide fault tolerance for shared data and applications
  26. a group of hard disks
    disk array
  27. disk striping, breaking data into blocks that are distributed evenly among disks
    raid level 0
  28. disk mirroring/duplexing, writing data into two identical partitions on two seperate hard disks
    raid level 1
  29. disk striping with distributed parity
    raid level 5
  30. a program that replicates itself by attaching itself to another program
  31. virus that positions its code in the boot sector of a computer's hard disk
    boot sector virus
  32. a virus that takes the morem of a macro which may be executed as the user works with a program
    macro virus
  33. a virus that attaches itself to an executable file
    file-infected virus
  34. programs that run independently and travel between computers and across networks
  35. a program that disguises itself as something useful but actually harms your system
    trojan horse
  36. a virus that transmits itself via network protocols, commands, messaging programs, and data links
    network virus
  37. program that runs automatically without requiring a person to start or stop it
  38. viruses that change their characteristics to avoid detection
    polymorphic virus
  39. viruses programmed to activate on a particular date
  40. a network device that acts on behalf of clients to retrieve requested content from an origin content server (OCS)
  41. located near the user/client and acts as an intermediary between a client and content server to protect the client's ip from being seen on the internet
    forward proxy
  42. located near the web server and acts as an intermediary between a web server and the internet
    reverse proxy
  43. a proxy that returns a local copy of any file it has already stored from a previous connection
  44. using no proxy
    direct access
  45. clients know a proxy is in the path
    explicit proxy
  46. clients do not know a proxy is in the path
    transparent proxy
  47. a comparison of a files content with known virus signatures
    signature scanning
  48. a method of comparing current characteristics of files and disks against an archived version of these characteristics to discover any changes
    integrity checking
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