Flash CS5 Unit E:

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  1. Assistive Technologies
    The type of technologies that allow persons with disabilities to interact with and perform tasks in a Flash document.
  2. Optimize
    To modify file attributes to eliminate bottlenecks in a given frame during download.
  3. Publish
    Instructs Flash to create the files necessary to display it on the Web or to use in other situations.
  4. GIF
    (Graphics Interchange Format)
    A still image file format best for creating drawings and line are; can support transparency.
  5. JPEG
    (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
    A still image file format that is versatile and often used for photographs and gradients.
  6. PNG
    (Portable Network Graphics)
    A still image file format that is the native file format in Adobe Fireworks. It supports higher-resolution images and transparency.
  7. Projector
    A stand-alone application that plays a movie without using a computer’s browser software or Flash player.
  8. JavaScript
    A programming language used to add interactive and dynamic features to Web pages.
  9. Publish Profile
    A file in XML format that Flash creates in the Publish Settings dialog box and uses when it exports data.
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