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  1. ´╗┐used to send and retrieve messages for users who connect through a browser
    hypertext transfer protocol (http)
  2. used to send messages across the internet or between mail servers
    simple mail transport protocol (smtp)
  3. used to download messages from a mail server across the internet
    post office protocol version 3 (pop3)
  4. used to access messages stored on a mail server on the internet
    internet message access protocol version 4 (IMAP4)
  5. used to implement newsgroups on the internet
    network news transfer protocol (NNTP)
  6. what takes care of listening for requests of each of the protocols and interacts with exchange to service them?
    internet information server (IIS)
  7. software supported by exchange 2003
    client software
  8. a users messages are stored in a what, which is stored in a what?
    mailbox, mailbox store
  9. what provides access to the messaging system? (the messaging client)
    user agent
  10. active directory provides what for directory lookups?
    lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP)
  11. what is made up of the mailbox and public folder stores?
    exchange information store
  12. information to be read or seen by more than one individual
    public folder store
  13. group of databases that share a single transaction log
    storage group
  14. how many storage groups can exchange 03 standard edition support?
  15. how many storage groups can exchange 03 enterprise edition support?
  16. the core exchange server 2003 service
    system attendant
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