Flash CS5 Unit D

  1. Frame Span
    A group of frames in the Timeline
  2. Blank Keyframe
    A timeline element that does not contain artwork.
  3. Frame-By-Frame Animation
    Animates an object gradually over several consecutive frames.
  4. Tween Animation
    An animation with defined starting and ending keyframes where Flash automatically creates the animation between the two keyframes.
  5. Motion Tweens
    Animate movement on the Stage as an instance moves from one position to another or changes properties such as color, size, or rotation.
  6. Shape Tweens
    An animation that changes on shape to another, in a process known as morphing.
  7. Tween Span
    The frame span in a tweened animation.
  8. Property Keyframes
    The motion tween keyframes in the Timeline that contain the specific property values that change in that frame: position, scale, skew, rotation, color, or filter.
  9. Easing
    A control on the Properties panel that speeds up or slows down the start or end of an animation.
  10. Nested Symbol
    A symbol placed inside another symbol
  11. Morphs:
    How a shape tween animation changes from its starting shape into a different ending shape
  12. Shape Hints
    An animation that changes one shape to another, in a process known as morphing.
  13. Storyboard
    A visual script containing captions to describe the action in keyframes in a movie; use to plan animation.
  14. Mask
    An object used to expose the content of the layer beneath it.
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