1. Where are the SEC formal rules found?
    The Code of Federal Regulations
  2. Forms of arrangements when selling a security
    Firm commitment, best efforts, all or none.
  3. What law prohibits the bribing of foreign officials?
    The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977
  4. How many years of selected financial data is required by the SEC?
    5 years
  5. How many days after the end of the quarter does a company need to file the 10-Q?
    40 days for large accelerated filers and accelerated filers; 45 days for non-accelerated filers.
  6. How many years of cash flow data is required by the SEC?
    3 years
  7. How many years of balance sheet data is required by the SEC?
    2 years
  8. Does SOX allow auditors to complete non-audit services for clients?
  9. What information the MD&A provide?
    A discussion of important aspects of the firm from the viewpoint of management.
  10. What information does the 8-K provide?
    Significant events affecting the company.
  11. How many years of income statement data is required by the SEC?
    3 years
  12. Registration with the SEC requires
    Extensive disclosures about the company, management and the intended use of the proceeds from the issue.
  13. What are the steps in the offering process?
    Issuer, underwriter, dealer, public.
  14. What does the Securities Act of 1934 do?
    Regulates the trading of securities after they are issued and required periodic reporting.
  15. What information the MD&A cover?
    The firm's financial condition, changes in financial condition, results of operations, liquidity, capital resources and operations, identifies trends and significant events and uncertainties.
  16. How many days after the fiscal year end of a large accelerated filer does their 10-K need to be filed
    60 Days
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