Hist. Terms

  1. First Amendment
    • 1. Freedom of Religion
    • 2. Freedom of Speech
    • 3. Freedom of the Press
    • 4. Right to Assemble peacefully
    • 5. Right to Protest/ Petition
  2. Second Amendment
    The Right to Bear Arms
  3. 3rd Amendment
    Quartering Soldiers
  4. 4th Amendment
    • Regulation of Search and Seizure
    • (protects our right to our privacy)
  5. 5th Amendment
    Protection of Persons and their property
  6. 6th Amendment
    Rights of persons accused of a crime
  7. 7th Amendment
    Right of Trial by Jury
  8. 8th Amendment
    Protection against excessive bail, fines, punishment
  9. 9th Amendment
    Guarantee of Unspecified Rights
  10. 10th Amendment
    Power reserved to the States and the People
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