Clin1 Tissues

  1. Four basic types of tissues
    • Epithelial
    • Connective
    • Muscle
    • Nervous
  2. Four functions of epithelial tissue
    • Protection
    • Secretion
    • Absorption
    • Excretion
  3. Why doesn't epithelial tissue heal well?
    Lacks blood vessels
  4. Three (sub)types of epithelial tissues identified by cell layers
    • Simple
    • Stratified
    • Pseudostratified
  5. What are pseudostratified tissues?
    They contain one layer of cells connected at the basement membrane. They appear to have multiple layers (but don't).
  6. Three (sub)types of epithelial tissues identified by shape
    • Squamous (flat cells, looks like fried eggs)
    • Columnar (tall, cylindrical cells)
    • Cuboidal (cube shaped cells)
  7. Where are simple squamous cells found?
    • Air sacs of lungs
    • Capillaries
    • Membranes that line the body
    • (They're a single layer of flat cells)
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