1. kingdoms
    • monera- single celled organism without nuclei (bacteria)
    • protista- single celled organishm with nuclei (algaew, protozoans)
    • fungi-signle and muti celled organism (mushrooms, mold, yeast, lichen)
    • plantae- multi cellular plant oragisms (moss ferns, pine, flowering)
    • animalia-multi cellular animals
  2. Linnean classificaiton sysstem
    • kingdom
    • phylum
    • class
    • order
    • family
    • genus
    • species
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  3. cell
    fundamental unit that composes the sturcutre and funciton of life. they manurfacture proteins and tohte rmaterials for building cells. manufacture energy. reproduce.

    • tissue-group of similar cells
    • organs-group fo tisuues working together
    • system- group of organs working together
    • organism-group of systems
  4. animal and plant cells
    • cell membrane- made of lipid, prermits inward passage of needed items outward passage of waste.
    • nucleus-control center of cell: the braing contains the DNA.
    • cytoplans-all materails outside of the nuclues.
    • endoplasic reticulum-transport canals that ravel from the nucleus to cytoplasm.
    • ribosomes-manufacture proteins
    • mitochondria-releases energy to cell through chemial reatiocion
    • lysosomes-hold enzymes to breakdown molecuels
    • golgi apparatus-packages the proteins and transports them throught hte cell
    • vacuoles-store food, water, and mineral
  5. ecology
    the study of interaction of orgaisms within thier envrioment and with one another.
  6. bisphere
    the enviroment in whech living things exist (land, air, water)
  7. ecosystem
    the community of living things and non living enviroment. an ecosystem has energy flow and recycling of minerals. they can be large (desert or ocean) or small (pond or backyar)
  8. ecosystem charaecteristics
    • constant source of energy (sun-solar)
    • energy is converted to glucose (needed by all living things)
    • organic nutrieints and matter are recycled successfully.
  9. food chain- changes to balance
    • supply of energy changes
    • food cycle interuped
    • organic matter and nutrients incerease or decrease
    • natural disaster
    • natural pheanomena
    • human contirbutitons (pollution, raw materal usage)
  10. life cycle
    • come into being
    • grow
    • metmorphosis
    • mature
    • reproduce
    • die
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