1. energy
    • the ability to do work or to cause change
    • -Heat is a form of energy
  2. heat transfer
    • is the movement of the of energy from a warmer object to a cooler one. 3 types : radiation
    • conduction
    • convection
  3. Radiation
    transfer through empty space
  4. conduction
    the transfer of energy by direct contact of particles of matter
  5. convection current
    heat passing through a fluid

  6. convection current
    is set in motion by the combination of the heating and cooling of fluid, changes in the fluid's density , and the force of gravity. This energy transfer is the force that has changed our Earth's surface over a billion of years.
  7. pangea
    was wegners hypothesis that all the continents had once been joined together in a single landmass and have since drifted a part. Wegner used three pieces of evidence to support his theory: evidence from landforms, fossils and the climate
  8. geologist
    scientists who study the forces that make shape the planet
  9. rock
    the material that forms the earths hard surface
  10. geology
    the study of the planet
  11. constructive forces
    shape the surface by building up mountains
  12. Destructive forces
    are those that slowly wear away mountains and eventually every other feature on the surface
  13. Coninent
    are seven great landmasses that are surrounded by water
  14. seismic wave
    a vibration that travel through Earth carrying the energy released during an earthquake
  15. pressure
    the force pushing on a surface or area
  16. crust
    the layer of rock that forms earths outer skin
  17. Basalt
    a dark dense rock with fine texture
  18. Granite
    a rock that has larger crystals than basalt and is not as dense
  19. mantle
    solid material,hot rock , and is below the crust
  20. lithosphere
    uppermost part of the mantle and the crust together form a rigid layer
  21. asthenosphere
    is a soft layer, layer can flow slowly. The convection currents are in this layer and provide movement for the plates
  22. outer core
    a layer of molten metal that surrounds the inner core
  23. inner core
    solid dense ball of metal
  24. Where is the Earth's convection current?
  25. Where does heat comes from that drives the convection current in the asthenosphere?
    the core
  26. Why is it sooooo important?
    moves plates and changes earths surface
  27. How does it work?
    Heat from the core decrease the magma's density, making it light and rise up. When it reaches to the top, it cools down making it very dense. Because it is very dense,gravity pulls it down toward the core.
  28. Where is the crust thick?
    continental crust
  29. Where is the crust thin??
    oceanic crust
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