1. plants
    (biosphere) pull water (hydrosphere) and nutrients fort he soil (litosphere) and realese orxygen and water varpor tinto the air (atmosphere)
  2. Heat
    • solar energy (the sun)- the earth is on an axis and the sun hits the surface at varying angles cause the major climates of the planet.
    • radioactivity (earths core)-radioactivity is responsible for plate tectonisc, most volacnoes and earthquakes are near plate boundaries.
  3. weathering
    the process of changing structures throught he effect of wind,s water, ice, sun, gravity
  4. erosion
    the process of moving trhe wathered materials (river and winds)
  5. rock cycle
    all rocks come fromt eh mantle (except limestone)
  6. igneous
    forms when magma cools (graniite pumice
  7. sedimentary
    forms when layers of sediments are compressed (sansotne, limestone, cole, shale
  8. metamorphic
    forms throguht hte transformation of igneous and sedimentary rocks throgh heat and pressure (marble, slate, quartzite)
  9. Weather cycle
    • occurs in the troposphere
    • solar radition:heat energy (inferaded radioiaotn ) from the sun that hits the earths surgace is changed into heat.
    • earth movement: the seasons are caused byt he orbit around the cun and the rotation of earths upon its axis-vernal equinox, summer solsitce, autumnal equinox, winter solstice
    • water cycle:
  10. principle of uniformation
    the scientigic laws that gobern earth today are teh same since the beginging of time
  11. law of superpostion
    the oldes rocks and event are found a thte bottom of formations
  12. Precambian eon
    period of time fromthe formation of earth to rthe rise of life forms
  13. phanerozoic eon
    • the rest of the time to the present . three eras are found witin the phanerozoic eon:
    • palezoic:early life-trillobites, shells, molusks, first vertebrates, land plants, insect, seed plant.
    • mesozoic: middle life- the rise of mamals and dinoaurs, the rise of birds, extincitono f dinos and flowering plants.
    • cenzoic: late life to present- rise of primates , hourses, hominids and modern man.
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