1. An endoprasite lives
    Inside the body of the host
  2. An obligatory parasite
    Must live a parasitic existence
  3. An intermediate host
    Harbors the larval, asexual, or immature stages of the parasite
  4. A zoonosis is
    Any disease transmissible from animals to humans
  5. A trematode is commonly referred to as
    A fluke
  6. Acarines are
    Parasites that are either mites or ticks
  7. Definitive host refers to the
    Host that harbors the mature, sexual, adult stage of the parasite
  8. Bloody diarrhea and pale mucous membranes in very young puppies are a sign of
    Ancylostoma caninum
  9. An ascarid is
    A specific nematode found in the small intestine of many species of young animals
  10. The development of a parasite through its various stages is called
    Life cycle
  11. Fleas are
  12. An unicellular parasite is
    A protozoan
  13. The motile prelarval stage of filarial parasites is called
  14. The holdfast organ of an adult true tapeworm is called
  15. The test of choice for diagnosis of gastrointestinal parasites is
    Fecal flotation
  16. A modified Knott's test is used to identify
    Microfilariae of Dirofilaria immitis and Dipetalonema reconditum
  17. Proglottids of Dipylidium caninum are often found
    In pet beds and/or hanging on hairs around the anus
  18. An example of an ectoparasite is
  19. Toxocara canis, Toxocara cati, and Toxascaris leonina are ascarids of
    Dogs and cats
  20. Trichuris vulpis of the dog, fox, and coyote can be found in the
  21. The stage of the life cycle of coccidians that is released into the environment is called
  22. Control of ( ) is best achieved by avoiding consumption of raw meat and contact with feces of infected cats
  23. Concentration tests such as the commercial filter tests are best for identification of
    Dirofilaria immitis
  24. The cat is the definitive host for
  25. The Baermann technique is the preferred method to diagnose
    Aelurostrongylus abstrusus
  26. Oxyuris equi can be diagnosed effectively only by
    Clear tape technique
  27. Metacercaria of Fasciola hepatica are found
    Encysted on vegetation around swamps and farm ponds
  28. Babesia bigemina is transmitted by
    Boophilus annulatus
  29. The most common parasite to infect humans that consume raw or poorly cooked pork
    Trichinella spiralis
  30. Examinagtion of direct smears of fresh fecal material is useful for
    Detection of motile forms of protozoa
  31. A nit is
    The egg stage of lice
  32. The larvae of Gastrophilus spp. spend 10 months located in the
    Stomach of the horse
  33. The development of maggots in the subcutaneous tissue of animals produces a condition known as
  34. The larvae of Hypoderma bovis spend 4 to 5 months developing in
    The subcutaneous tissue of cattle
  35. Mites that burrow and tunnel in the epidermis causing severe pruritus are
  36. Mites of the genus Demodex reside in the
    Hair follicles and sebaceous glands
  37. Generalized demodicosis is the result of
    An inherited immune deficiency
  38. Otodectes cynotis is a common cause of
    Otitis externa in puppies and kittens
  39. Moving flakes of dandruff visible to the naked eye is a sign of
  40. The order of Anoplura comprise
    Blood sucking lice
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