1. rite of passage
    • things you have to accompish before you move onto the next phase
    • formal
    • informal
  2. adults view of adolescent
    • positve
    • negative
  3. g. stanley hall
    • adolescence is a period of storm and stress
    • evolution from beast to human
  4. Margaret Mead
    Adolescence is enjoyable
  5. puberty
    period of sexual maturation
  6. primary sex characteristics
    reproductive organs and external genitalia
  7. secondary sex characteristics
    non-reproductive traits
  8. menarche
    the first menstrual period
  9. spermarche
    the first ejaculation
  10. asymchrony
    uneven growth of body parts
  11. changes in the brain
    • brain is pruning out unused neurons
    • myelin in the frontal lobe is growing
    • surge
  12. sexual orientation
    enduring sexual attration to members of one's own sex, or to the other sex
  13. sexuality formation
    • body and brain of human fetus are female
    • 6-8 male fetus receives testosterone and sexuality depends amount given
  14. homosexual animals
    grizzlies, gorillas, monkeys, flamingos, owls, penguins
  15. gender roles
    a set of expected behaviors for males and for females
  16. gender identity
    one's sense of being male and female
  17. adnrogyny
    role that is a combination of both male and female characteristics
  18. social learning theory
    albert bandura's theory that social behavior is learned through observing and imitating, being rewarded or punished
  19. identity crisis
    a time of storm and stress during which adolescents intensley worry about who they are
  20. eriksons 4th stage
    industy vs. inferiority
  21. eriksons 5th stage
    identity vs. role confusion
  22. eriksons 6th stage
    intimacy vs. isolation
  23. identity moratorium adolescents
    the adolescent has not experinced any crisis and has not made important commitments
  24. identity foreclosure adolescents
    adolescents has not experienced any crisis but has made commitments based on the suggestion of others
  25. identity diffused adolescents
    adolescent is in continual search for meaning, commitment and self-definition; on-going crisis
  26. Identity achievement adolescent
    adolescent has experienced crisis, considered many possibilites, and has freely commited themselves to occupations and other important likfe matters
  27. william damon
    main task of adolescences is to acheive a purpose and accomplish something that affects the world
  28. authoritarian
    imposing rules and expecting obedience
  29. permissive
    submitting to the children's desires, making few demands and using little punishment
  30. Authoritative
    both demanding and responsive; exhert control but also encourage open discussion and allow exceptions
  31. clique
    a group within a set of people
  32. conformity
    the tendencyfor people to align their behaviors, preferences etc
  33. sentient
    • "feeling"
    • drinking to change the way you feel
  34. affiliate
    • "socialize"
    • drinking in social situations, drinking not main focus
  35. self-fulfilling prophecy
    bringing about an event in the future, your thoughts effect the outcome
  36. Pygmalion effect
    someone else's thinking affects how they treat you. how they treat you affects the way you act, which then changes the way you think.
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