Social Studies Roaring Twenties

  1. Isolationism
  2. Laissez-Faire
  3. Consumerism
  4. Return to Normalcy
  5. Teapot Dome Scandal
  6. Corruption
  7. Assembly Line
  8. Flapper
  9. Jazz
  10. Charles Lindenburg
  11. Capitalism
  12. Warren Harding
  13. Calvin Coolidge
  14. Kellog-Briand Pact
  15. Installment Buying
  16. Credit
  17. Al Capone
  18. 21st Amendment
  19. Harlem Renaissance
  20. Red Scare
  21. Amelia Earhart
  22. Free Market
  23. Ku Klux Klan
  24. Henry Ford
  25. Scopes Trial
  26. Mass Media
  27. Communism
  28. Sacco and Venzetti
  29. Conservative
  30. LIberal
  31. Nativism
  32. Quota System
  33. What political party were Harding and Coolidge apart of?
  34. What foreign policy idea did Harding and Coolidge support?
  35. What were Harding and Coolidge's economic policies based on?
  36. What were some technological advances that powered social change in the 1920's?
  37. What were some conflicts between old and new ideas?
  38. What were some of the things that went on in the 20's that made them great?
  39. What made the 1920's a rough time period?
  40. How did prejudice and labor strife affect the nation following WWI?
  41. In what ways did the election of Harding and Coolidge reflect America's mood?
  42. What events of the 1920's might be cited as prejudice against immigrants?
  43. Why did Union Membership drop in the 1920's?
  44. The United States foreign policy during the 1920's was isolationism. How does this match to thee American way of life in the 1920's?
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Social Studies Roaring Twenties
Social Studies Roaring Twenties