world lit vocab 2

  1. despot
    a. ruler having absolute power or authority b. a person who exercises power oppressively;a tyrant
  2. feudal
    characteristic of social and economic system of government used in Europe, whereby a person, in return for being granted control of land, owed to service and loyalty to a lord.
  3. hegemony
    a. dominion or control, particularly of one country over others b. dominant influence or authority
  4. hierachy
    an order or persons or entities classified according to authority, rank, or importance
  5. prerogative
    a right or priviledge, particularly a hereditary or officeal one, held by a person or group
  6. regime
    a government or any other administrative in power
  7. sovereign
    a. the chief of state, usually in a monarchy b. self-governing; independent c. having the highest rank or supreme power
  8. totalitarian
    referring to a government that exercises control over all aspects of life
  9. usurp
    to seize and retain the rights, power, property, or position of another without legal authority
  10. apathy
    a. lacking of feeling or emotion; impassiveness b. lack of interest in things generally found exciting, interesting or moving, indifference
  11. assent
    a. acceptance, as of a proposal or statement, compliance b. to agree to something, especially after thoughtful consideration
  12. empathy
    a. understanding, concerned identification with another's situation or feelings b. the attribution of one's own feelings to an object
  13. pathetic
    a. expressing or arousing pity, sympathy, or tenderness; sad b. distressing and inadequate
  14. pathology
    a. the scientific and medical study of a disease, its causes, its processes, and its effects b. the physical changes in the body and its functioniong as a result of a disease or disorder
  15. presentiment
    a sense of something about to occur; premonition;; foreboding
  16. sensibility
    a. the ability to feel, sense, or perceive; mental or emotional responsiveness towards something b. refined awareness and appreciation in matters of feeling and perception
  17. sententious
    a. inclined to give advice in self-righteous way b. inclined to wise sayng; abounding in proverbs c. brief and pointed in meaning or expression; saying much in few words
  18. sentiment
    a. a thought, view, or attitude based more on feeling than on reason b. a general cast of mind regarding something c. tender, romantic, or nostalgic feeling
  19. culpable
    responsible for wrong or error; blameworthy
  20. exonerate
    to free from charge; declare blameless
  21. extort
    to obtain by threats or other coercive means; exact; wring
  22. illicit
    not permitted by custom or law; illegal
  23. incorrigible
    a. incapable of being corredcted or reformed b. a person who cannot be reformed
  24. misdemeanor
    a. an offense of less seriousness than a felony b. misbehavior
  25. purloin
    to steal
  26. ruffian
    a tough or rowdy person
  27. unscrupulous
    without scruples or principles; not honorable
  28. vile
    a. unpleasant; disgusting b. miserable; wretched; c. morally low or base
  29. banter
    a. good humored playful conversation b. to converse in a teasing or playful manner
  30. caricature
    a representation, usually pictorial which exaggerates or distorts the subject's feature to produce a comic or ridiculous effect
  31. droll
    amusingly odd or comical
  32. facetious
    a. playfully humorous b. jesting, often in an inappropriate or offensive way
  33. flippant
    marked by a disrespectful frivolity or indifference
  34. hilarity
    loud and lively merriment; boisterousness
  35. ludicrous
    laughable because of an obvious absurdity or ridculousness
  36. mirth
    gladness or lightheartedness, especially when expressed by laughter; gaiety, merriment
  37. whimsical
    a. playful or fanciful; imaginatively humorous
  38. witticism
    a witty or clever remark or saying
  39. adverse
    a. unfavorable to one's interest or welfare b. contrary or opposing in intention or effect; hostile
  40. averse
    having a strong feeling or dislike or reluctance
  41. emigrate
    to leave one country or region in order to settle in another
  42. figuratively
    in a manner marked by metaphorical language or figures of speech
  43. immigrate
    to enter or settle in a country that is not one's native land
  44. ingenuous
    showing or having simplicity, openness, and honesty, in a childlike way
  45. literally
    a. according to the actual meaning of the word or phrase b. according to the facts; without exaggeration or metaphor
  46. persecute
    a. to ill-treat persistently and grievously b. to annoy continually; pester
  47. prosecute
    to bring a legal action against in order to convict of a violation of a law
  48. austerity
    –noun, plural -ties. 1. austere quality; severity of manner, life, etc.; sternness. 2. Usually, austerities. ascetic practices: austerities of monastery life. 3. strict economy
  49. depreciate
    to lessen the value or price of.
  50. equity
    net value house
  51. frugal
    adjective 1. economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful: a frugal manager. 2. entailing little expense; requiring few resources; meager; scanty: a frugal meal.
  52. indigent
    lacking resources
  53. munificent
    very generous
  54. pecuniary
    has to do with money
  55. recession
    small depression, economy struggling
  56. remunerate
    pay compensation
  57. solvent
    able to pay debts and bills and shtuffs
  58. ingenious
    a. having or showing creative or inventive skill b. original or imaginative in dsighn orexecution
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