Literature Terms

  1. caricature
    deliberately distorted picturing of a person literary style, exaggerating features for comic or satire effect
  2. foil
    character thats serves as contrast to emphasize traits of another character
  3. coincidence
    situation where 2 or more events occur at the same time for no apparent casual reason
  4. soliloquy
    words spoken by an actor when he is on stage alone
  5. dramatic irony
    involves a situation in a narrative in which the reader knows something about present or future circumstances that the character does not
  6. verbal irony
    speaker makes a statement in which its actual meaning differs sharply from the meaning that the words ostensibly express (also known as sarcasm)
  7. simile
    a comparison using the words like or as
  8. metaphor
    an implied comparison that does not use the words like or as
  9. tragedy
    when a main character goes through misfortunes leading up to the final
  10. pun
    play on words that are similar in sound but different in meaning
  11. personification
    giving animate qualities to in-aminate objects
  12. foreshadowing
    clues to future action
  13. flashback
    story is interrupted to look back on characters past events
  14. characterization
    an author or poet's description, dialogue, dialect, and action to create in the reader an emotional or intellectual reaction to a character
  15. setting
    the place where the book takes place
  16. plot
    the structure and relationship of actions and events in a work of fiction
  17. antithesis
    balanced contrasts
  18. circumlocution
    an indirect or roundabout way of expressing or explaining something
  19. melodrama
    any scene in a play, movie, or book in which actions and emotions are so exaggerated that they become ridiculous and unbelievable
  20. denotation
    the literal meaning of a word
  21. connotation
    a secondary meaning suggest by a word in addition to the meaning
  22. author intrusion
    the author interrupts the book to give his thoughts
  23. alliteration
    several successive words which begin with the same consonant
  24. theme
    a central idea that unifies and controls an entire literary work
  25. comedy
    any play or narrative poem in which the main characters manage to avert an impending disaster and have a happy ending
  26. onomatopoeia
    words which sound like they are describing
  27. sentimentalism
    an excessive appeal to the emotions
  28. satire
    ridicule with an intent to change or correct
  29. microcosm
    small world
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