A&P Final Exam Review Part 4

  1. Divisions of the PNS
    Sensory or Afferent: carries info TO cns from body sensor receptors.

    Motor of Efferent: carries info FROM CNS to effector organs (muscles and glands)
  2. Divisions of ANS
    Organs and tissues they supply
    1. Sympathetic
    • Sympathetic Division:
    • fight or flight
    • visceral blood vessels constrict
    • bronchioles in lungs dilate
    • liver releases glucose to blood.
    • gastro activity dampened.
    • exercise, excitement, emergency, embarrassment
    • supplies VISCERAL ORGANSA, in body cavities AND
    • VISCERAL structures in somatic parts of the body... glands and smooth muscles, hair raising arrector pili muslces.
  3. Division of ANS
    ORgans and tissues they supply
    2. PARAsympathetic
    • craniosacral division.
    • oculomotor
    • facial
    • glossopharyngeal and vagus cranial nerves.

    Sacral outflow: rest of large intestines and pelvic organs.
  4. Neurotransmittors of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic:
    all use ACH preganglionic.

    • para uses ACH pre and post
    • symp uses ACH pre and Norenephrine Post
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