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  1. The levels of organization of the body smallest to largest
    cell, tissue, organs, organ systems, organism
  2. No matter it's shape, all cells have:
    nuculas, cytoplasm, and a cell membrane
  3. the studay of tissue
  4. epithelial
    tissue lining internal organs and serves as a covering for the skin
  5. anatomical position
    body is standing erect with arms at side and palms up
  6. appendix in what quadrant
    right lower quadrant
  7. Dorsal cavities are
    cranial and spinal
  8. how many anatomical divisions in the abdominal cavity
  9. Illac
    region of the abdominal cavity located in the right lower lateral region near the groin
  10. withing the thoracic cavity the lungs are found in the
    heat in the
    pleural cavity

    pericardial cavity
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