World History Final

  1. Zimmerman
    german telegram telling mexico to wra w/ usa and reclaim texas, new mexico and arizona
  2. rasputin
    known as holy devil of russia who was poisoned, shot, beated and drownded to death
  3. tolstoy
    wrote war and peace
  4. elba
    napolean's prison island and he later escaped
  5. ferdinand
    archduke of austria-hungary who was assasinated and started WWI
  6. alsace-lorraine
    french land taken by germany at the end of franco-prussian war
  7. josephine
    napolean's dying words were about her
  8. marie antoinette
    she was queeen of france and beheaded; $20 mil on clothes and gifts; blonde hair blue eyed austrain woman; let them eat cake
  9. duke of wellington
    #1 defensive general- defeated napolean at waterloo
  10. florence nightingale
    she is the first professional nurse, lady with the lamp
  11. monroe doctrine
    hands off policy between eastern and western hemispheres
  12. balance of power
    all countries of europe equal in power to prevent one nation from defeating other european countries
  13. kremlin
    triangle of massive red brick walls to house/protext russian government
  14. robespierre
    head of the committee of public safety during its most blood thirsty ime killing 40,000 perople; only man known to have been guillotined face up
  15. benito juarez
    electied president of mexico following its war with spain then a war with france
  16. louisiana purchase
    sold by napolean to usa for 15 million
  17. no man's land
    area of land between enemy trenches
  18. st. helena
    island of death for napolean
  19. louis XVI
    king of france, beheaded during french revolution
  20. charge of the light brigade
    this is when 600 british calvary rode into valley of death and attacked by 6000 russiona
  21. adolf hitler
    military dictator of germany
  22. glorious revolution
    when the power of parliament reamoved king james I to be replaced with will and mary
  23. reign of terror
    this is a period of time of trials and executions
  24. coup d' etat
    a froced change of power
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