Macbeth Extra

  1. Where is Duncan's castle?
  2. Who is Macbeth's father? What did he obtain from him?
    Sinel: the title Thane of Glamis
  3. __ and __ went to greet Macbeth with title of Thane of Cawdor.
    Angus and Ross
  4. __ talked about the unruly evening? (the wind, bird, chimneys, etc.)
  5. When was the falcon killed? Who said this?
    Tuesday night; old man
  6. Who talked about Duncan's horses going crazy?
  7. Who is the Old man
    Ross's father
  8. Graymalkin belongs to who?
    first witch
  9. Paddock belongs to who?
    second witch
  10. Why is Macduff in disgrace?
    frank talk and not attending dinner
  11. Who is Siward?
    lord of Northumberland and Malcolm's uncle
  12. Who leads the first battle?
    Siward and Siward
  13. True or False:
    The castle was surrendered without a fight.
  14. What was Macbeth comtemplating before Macduff enters?
    killing himself like the ancient Romans
  15. After Macdonwald was killed, who ran?
    irish soldiers and then Norway attacked
  16. What is Ross thane of?
    Thane of Rossq
  17. Where were the Norwegian flags flying, scaring the people?
  18. What did the first witch turn herself into?
    a tailless rat
  19. What is the onyl thing motivating Macbeth in Act 1, Scene VII?
  20. __ is a Roman prince who sneaked into a Roman wife's room at night and raped her.
  21. There people porter mentions that he lets into hell are:
    • 1) farmer who committed suicide because grain was cheap
    • 2) jesuit who lied under oath (2-faced)
    • 3) tailor who like to skimp on fabric of people's clothes
  22. What three things does drinking do?
    • 1) urination
    • 2) turn nose red
    • 3) puts to sleep
  23. What does Macduff say the site is?
    a new Gorgon
  24. After they dress, where will they meet to talk about the murder?
    the hall
  25. The old man can remember how far back into the past?
    seventy years
  26. Complete analogy:
    Macbeth fears Banquo as _ fears _
    Mark Antony fears Caesar
  27. From where they walk to the castle, its almost a __ to the palace gate.
  28. The __ killed Banquo how? How many gashes to his head?
    • first murderer
    • cut his throat
    • 20
  29. Banquo sits where?
    Macbeth's seat
  30. macbeth tells Banquo to come to him in the form of three things: __, __, __
    • a rugged Russian bear
    • an armor-plated rhino
    • tiger from Iran
  31. What is an old saying?
    dead will have their revenge
  32. __ sarcastically says Macbeth has done well, then says he hopes he doesnt put __ and __ in prison
    • lennox
    • Malcolm
    • Donalbain
  33. Macduff wants allegiance with who?
    Edward adn people of Northumberland ad their Lord Siward
  34. The third witch's spirit friend: __
  35. What will they cool the mixture with?
    baboon blood
  36. Music plays and the witches sing a song called __
    black spirits
  37. The second witch can tel something is coming by the __.
    pricking (tingling) of her thumbs
  38. What occurs before apparitions appear?
  39. Who was outside when Macbeth was with witches?
  40. smallest of birds
  41. How does the son say he'll live?
    like the birds do, on whatever they get
  42. Son asks what a traitor is: _
    someone who swears and lies
  43. What is Malcolms last offense of himself?
    he doesnt have any good graces (sides)
  44. The disease Edward can heal is called __. How does he heal?
    • the evil
    • hangs golden stamp (coin) around their neck and says a prayer over them
  45. Kign Edward also has the gift of __.
  46. When funeral bells ring in Scotland, how do the people react?
    they dont ask who died anymore
  47. How long has the doctor been watching lady Macbeth?
    two days
  48. When did she start sleepwalking?
    since Macbeth went to war
  49. __ and __ are soldiers who appear in Act V, Scene ii.
    Menteith and Caithness
  50. In Scene three, Macbeth tells Seyton to __.
    hang anyone talking or spreading fear
  51. Macduff says if someone other than him kills Macbeth, what will happen?
    the ghosts of his wife and children will forever haunt him
  52. How does Malcolm reward all the men?
    making them first earls of Scotland
  53. __ is a Scot traitor who wants the throne; __ is another traitor.
    • Macdonwald
    • Thane of Cawdor
  54. Who are the people fighting for Macdonwald?
    Irish and mercenaries
  55. Whta is the tone?
    dark and ominous
  56. What is the rising action adn climax?
    • Macbeth and Banquo's encounter with the witches
    • Macbeth's murder of Duncan
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