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  1. Pneumonia is caused by
    Viral or bacterial infections
  2. The organism that causes tuberculosis is
  3. Tuberculosis can be transmitted through
    Airborne droplets
  4. What would be the most likely cause of bronchiolitis
    Respiratory syncytial virus
  5. A smoker diagnosed with lung cancer was exposed to air pollution, asbestos sand radiation. What had the biggest impact on the cancer
    Cigarette smoke
  6. A man with 40 year history smoking has chest pain, cough, and atypical cushing syndrome, has metastatic cancer. What is the most likely type of cancer
    Small cell carcinoma
  7. What would be tried first with a 10 year old with sleep apnoea
    Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy
  8. What is the most likely cause of croup in a one year old
    Viral infection
  9. What are the most likely symptoms of croup in a one year old
    Respiratory stridor and barking cough
  10. The most important predisposing factor in a new born with respiratory distress syndrome
    Premature birth
  11. A new born with respiratory distress syndrome develops atelectasis because of
    Lack of Surfactant
  12. A newborn has respiratory distress syndrome. The condition appeared
    Within minutes of birth
  13. A child with respiratory distress syndrome was found on assessment to have a sinking in the subclavical and intercostal areas of the thorax was noted on inspiration, This is called
  14. Cystic fibrosis is an
    Autosomal recessive disease
  15. A child with cystic fibrosis would demonstrate elevated levels of which of these compounds on both sweat and salivary gland secretions
  16. ABaby presents with failure to thrive and frequent, loose and oily stools. Sweat test shows increased chloride. Which of the following would also accompany this disease
    A thick mucous
  17. The main cause of respiratory difficulties in individuals with cystic fibrosis
    Recurrent pneumonia
  18. SIDS most often occurs between--------- months of age
    3-4- months of age
  19. Risk factors associated with SIDS
    Frequent respiratory infections
  20. To prevent SIDS parents should
    Lay infants on their back to sleep
  21. The mucociliary blanket is formed by the products excreted from
    Bronchial gland and goblet cells
  22. What is the process whereby air is moved into the lungs
  23. What factors may affect airway efficiency
    Injury allergies diseases
  24. What is the area of gas exchange between the lungs and the blood stream
  25. The mucociliary blanket is comprised of
    Sol-gel film
  26. The role of surfactant in the lung is to
    Reduce surface tension
  27. Bronchodilation is an end result of
    Release from the adrenal medulla
  28. Which is not part of the central control of respiration
    Carotid and aortic bodies
  29. Which type of aerosol therapy is often more suitable for paediatric patients
  30. In the case of aerosol therapy in lower respiratory tract infections
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