Gym Final Review

  1. How many players on the court from each team at one time in basketball?
    5 players per team
  2. Number of seconds to get the ball across the half-court line?
    10 seconds
  3. 3-second rule
    Player without the ball in the key for more than 3 seconds when his team has possession.
  4. The amount of time allotted to bring ball inbounds
    5 seconds
  5. Traveling violation (When is it called?)
    When a player holding the ball illegally moves one or both of his feet. Most commonly, a player travels by illegally moving his pivot foot or taking too many steps without dribbling the ball.
  6. What is the difference between man to man and zone defense?
    Man to man is when you guard another player and zone defense is when you guard a specific area.
  7. What is the technique for dribbling?
    By using the palm of the hand.
  8. Right side lay-up (What is the take-off and execution?)
    A skill in which a player drives to the basket using a one-foot take-off without dribbling. (right hand up, left foot up)
  9. Difference between a foul and a violation?
    Fouls is an illegal physical contact and a violation are infraction of the game without bodily contact.
  10. Define 3 point shot
    A field goal from behind the three-point line.
  11. How many points is a field goal?
    2 points
  12. Define Double Dribble
    An illegal dribble in which a player uses both hands simultaneously to dribble the ball or begins to dribble the ball a second time after having come to a complete stop.
  13. Boundaries for the serve (Where can you serve from?) in volleyball
    Back Right of court
  14. When can a team score a point?
    When the returning team cannot return the 3 tries or when the ball hits the floor. Also when the ball goes out of bounce for the oppossing team.
  15. What are the basic types of hits during a game?
    Block, Kill, Set, and Spike
  16. What is the number of hits allowed per side in volleyball?
    3 hits
  17. Number of players on each side of the court in volleyball?
    6 players
  18. Define side out
    When the serving team fails to win a point.
  19. How many times can each player hit the ball in volleyball?
  20. Does a block count as one of your 3 hits?
  21. Rotation for service for volleyball
  22. Shot Put ( is it a girl or boy's event or both?)
  23. Throwing the shot put and the toe board (Are you allowed to step on it? Over it?)
  24. Define scratch in long jump and shot put.
    When you go past the board with your feet.
  25. The distance of the 4 X 200 for each runner. (How far does each person run?)
    200 meter each
  26. The distance of the 1600-meter race (How many laps around the outside track is this?)
  27. 4 X 100 meter relay (Are you allowed to change lanes after the first curve?)
  28. Handing off the baton outside of the exchange zone (Are you disqualified?)
  29. Anchor person in a relay (What number is this?)
    4th or last
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