1. SATA

    Warning signs of suicide?
    • Withdrawl
    • Apathy
    • Angry Outbursts
  2. A graft obtained from deceased humans?
  3. Whats the correct rationale for the positioning of a thorocentesis? i.e Sitting up right leaning over pillow.
    Fluid accumulates at the bases
  4. Early signs of UTI?
    Fever and change in clarity of urine
  5. Although no conclusivly proven the Nx tells a pt with Fibrocystic disease that eliminating what from their diet could improve their condition?
  6. Technique at home for trach care?
    Medically aseptic
  7. What would you NOT do with a burn?
    Cool the burn with ice
  8. Pt prescribed Mestinon and now has difficulty swallowing and excessive secretions what would you prepare to administer?
    Atropine Sulfate
  9. Make believe playmate, father is concerned, what would the Nx tell the father?
    This type of behavior is normal for a preschooler
  10. SATA

    Deep partial thickness burn (2nd degree)
    • Painful open nerve endings when blisters break
    • Injury to deeper portions of the dermas
  11. ABGs

    Ph 7.52
    PaCo2 28
    Hco3 24
    Respiratory Alkalosis
  12. Immediatly after the diasylate solution is instilled what Nx action?
    Clamp the tubing
  13. Nx teaching about dietary considerations for parkinson's disease, what is the best for the Nx to cover?
    dysphagia and constipation
  14. Signs of bullemia?
    erosion of dental enamel
  15. SATA

    18yo female with menstraul cramps?
    • mild anagesic such as ibuprofen
    • warm compress
  16. Increasing unrest among staff, what is the best action to take as the team leader?
    Discuss the problem with the staff
  17. Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), S/S?
    Severe lower back pain, decreased BP, and decreased RBCs
  18. Kidney transplant, Nx immediate concern?
    Hypovolemic shock caused by post op bleeding
  19. Pt deteriorated to early renal failure, what would you expect to find?
  20. 22month old kid who says "No" to everything, what would you tell the parents?
    Its normal behvior of a 2yo
  21. What makes multiple sclerosis (MS) worse as a female?
  22. Significance of a positive TB test?
    Antibodies are present in the clients blood
  23. Oliguria stage of renal failure, how much urine would you expect to see?
  24. Nx caring for pt who had MI, purpose of goving Nitrates?
    To dialate coronary arteries
  25. Toilet training, what statement by the mother warrants need for further teaching?
    I should begin bladder training before bowel training
  26. Adolecent, increased risk for suicide?
    Recent break up with a friend
  27. Mantoux test, which angle is the needle inserted intradermal?
    10 degree angle
  28. SATA

    Life threating cardiac arrythmias?
    • Ventricular Fibrulation
    • Ventricular Tachycardia
  29. Angina, types of pain most characteristic?
  30. Female with anorexia nervosa, treated with family therapy, which description fits social causation?
    A sign of pain within the whole family system
  31. 35yo ratinalizing alcohol abuse, which statement?
    I always remember what happens the next day
  32. If the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated how would is effect the heart?
  33. 20month old child, home health Nx visiting at home, what safety issue would you discuss with parents if you saw this?
    Child is eating raw Carrots
  34. What immunization did a child have a birth?
    Hep B
  35. SATA

    Steps in time management?
    • Time to plan and establish priorites
    • Highest priority task first
    • Reasses and reprioritize tasks based on any changes
  36. Vancomycin 250cc in 3hrs...Approx.?
    250/3= 83.33333= 80

    FYI Red Man Sydrome if given too fast
  37. FIB

    ______________system is a system which determines staffing needs, measures clients illness, and uses catagories to detemine level of care needed.
  38. Pt in ER with police officer, has been raped, Nx priority?
    Bring anxiety from panic to moderate level
  39. Psychosocial approach, ER Nx suspects family violence?
    Support treatment
  40. Anorexia Nervosa, clinical finding?
    Growth of fine body hair
  41. AA, how do you know when the person is ready, he says?
    I know I am powerless over alcohol and I need help
  42. Genital Herpes, how do you know an outbreak in coming?
    genital puritis and parasthesia
  43. Incintive spiromenter, follow statement correct?
    Helps pt visualize breathing to prevent atolectisis
  44. Renal Failure, pt having perotoneal dialysis, most important measure?
    Weigh pt before and after procedure, body weight
  45. Best form of infection control?
    Washing Hands before and after client
  46. SATA

    Treatment for habitual abortions?
    • Progesterone to support endometrium
    • Sexual abstinence
    • Light diet

    FYI clomid for multiple births
  47. Modified masectomy, pt needs further teaching if?
    Wearing a robe with elastic arm bands
  48. Female with 2 prescription bottles, one lasix one fuerosimide, you would tell her?
    Its the Same thing
  49. Which finding of a pt given oxycodon shows med is working?
    pain level 0-2
  50. SATA

    Sexual partners, which conditioin requires treatment of both partners?
    • Herpes
    • Clamydia
  51. Laizze fair communication, which is true?
    Back and forth
  52. Most common abused substance?
  53. 14yo daughter of alcoholic, where would you refer her?
  54. Chlamydia, which statement by pt shows an understand of possible complications?
    I need to treat this infection so it doesnt spread into my pelvis because I want to have children some day
  55. Overdose of salicylates, what treatment?
  56. SATA

    Nx action for pt with panic attack?
    • Enusre client safety
    • Give simple instructions
  57. Masectomy, left breast, IV in right arm, where would you take the BP?
    In the leg
  58. Hemlich manuver, where would you place your hands?
    Below sternum
  59. Cystoscopy, pt asks Nx to outline positives of procedure?
    • Identifies source of hematuria
    • Allows collection of tissue samples
    • Light source to visualize
    • No surgical incision
  60. Rule of Nines

    Client in ER 2nd and 3rd degree burns, on arm and anterior leg, percentage of burn?
  61. Transferring to a compentent individual, tasks that can be performed...?
  62. Advanced kidney disease, what test?
    Serum Creatinine Level
  63. Breasting feeding client asks when to perform breast exam?
    After the infant empties the breast
  64. SATA

    Pre renal, acute renal failure, common cause?
    • Decreased cardiac output
    • Cardiogenic Shock
  65. Best time to start discharge planning?
    When addmitted
  66. Acute Renal failure, which diuretic would you question?
  67. SATA

    Contusions in a child, child abuse suspected...?
    • All lesions including location, shape, and color will be documented
    • Multiple bruises that cannot be explained
  68. Indwelling cath, what would you teach to best prevent UTI?
    Take a shower instead of a bath
  69. Significance of Positive PPD test?
    Anitbodies in the blood
  70. Impaired skin integrity related to immobility as manifested by?
    • Redness on perianal area
    • Decubitis of 2x3cm on coccyx area
  71. Nx should perform which of the following interventions in a pt with Autonomic Dysreflexia?
    Place pt in high fowlers
  72. Pt with MS, plasmapheresis diminishes syptoms, by removing?
  73. SATA

    Trach, why do they have cuffs?
    • Prevents leakage
    • Prevents Aspiration
  74. Should not suction longer than?
  75. Person had total larengectomy, what is an early sign that O2 is comprimised?
  76. Spasticity in a spinal cord injury, what medication would be used?
  77. Chest tubes, pt had pneumothorax, what will tell you when it is no longer needed?
    No fluctuation in the water seal tank
  78. SATA

    Autonomic dysreflexia, causes?
    • Full bladder
    • Fecal impaction
  79. Broncoscopy, pt is now thirsty, when can they have water?
    Presence of gag reflex

    Maslows Needs:

    • Physiological Needs
    • Safety and Security
    • Love and Belonging
    • Esteem and Self Esteem
    • Self Actualization
  81. Pt with SOB, O2 88%, given oxygen, action based on what need?
  82. Trach suction, everything is correct EXCEPT?
    Applying suction while inserting
  83. Laryngeal obstruction due to an allergy, what med?
  84. 1000cc needs to last 12hrs, How many cc per hour APPROX?
    1000/12= 83.333= 80
  85. Laryngoscopy, pt has been having a hoarse voice, statement by pt shows an understanding of procedure?
    I am having this done because I may have cancer.
  86. OD on heroin what med will they use?
  87. Hep B, what activity can this pt NOT do for the rest of his life?
    Donate blood
  88. Pt has advanced direct, on hospice, no major interventions, pain med every 3-4hours, what would hospice Nx do?
    Administer medication every 3hrs
  89. Nx should anticipate what med to pt with Hypothyroidism?
  90. Cirrohsis, what alterations in lab values would you expect to find?
  91. Esophageal varices, which measure should Nx focus on?
    Recognizing hemorrhage
  92. Nx would expect to administer what med to a pt with Hypothyroidism?
  93. Immediatly after liver biopsy what does Nx have to worry about?
  94. What strongly indicates cirrohsis?
  95. Acute pancreatitis, which S/S should be primary concern for Nx?
  96. FIB

    The loss of elasticity of the arteries that accompanies the aging process is called:______?
  97. Pulmonary Capillary Wedge Pressure is the?
    Retrograde pressure of the fluid on the left side of the heart at the end of left ventricular diastole
  98. FIB

    Verchow triad is..?
    • Venous stasis-slowed circulation
    • Altered blood coagulation
    • Injury or trauma to the vein
  99. Female with MI who is taking coumadin, what would you tell her to avoid?
  100. SATA

    Mitral valve prolapse, S/S include?
    • Chest pain
    • Fatigue
    • Palpitations
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