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  1. Nurse's responsibility in CARING for a client for general diagnostic procedure:

    • Supportive data
    • Assessment
    • Report to Practioner

    • Interventions
    • Evaluation
    • Client teaching
    • Documentation
  2. Measured substances are?
  3. The procedure for 24-hour urine collection are
    • -instruct client to void
    • -discard first specimen
    • -begin timing after first void is discarded
    • -save urine for 24 hours on ice or refrigeration
  4. Steps for x-ray procedures are:
    • check for asthma, iodine allergy, pregnancy
    • Explain the procedure
    • Prepare client as ordered ( remove clothing and jewelry)
    • No specific postprocedure care is required
    • Administer an analgesic, especially for an arthritic client --page 631
  5. The common sites for a bone marrow puncture are?
    Iliac crest (side lying) & Sternum (supine)
  6. This test identifies anemias, cancers such as multiple myeloma, leukemia or Hodgkin's disease is?
    Bone Marrow Aspiration / Biopsy
  7. Performed to withdraw fluid that has abnormally collected or to obtain a specimen is?
  8. The study of cells?
  9. Folic acid normal range is?
  10. Magnesium (Mg++) normal levels are?
  11. Chloride (CI-) normal range?
    100-110 mEq/L
  12. Sodium (Na+) normal range is?
    135-145 mEq/L
  13. Potassium (K+) normal levels?
    3.5-5.5 mEq/L
  14. Phosphate (PO4--) normal levels?
    3-4.5 mg/dL
  15. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) normal levels?
    5-20 mg/dL
  16. Hemoglobin (Hgb) normla levels?
    • Male: 14-18 g/dL
    • Female: 12-16 g/dL

    Critical: <5
  17. Red blood cells (RBCs) normal levels?
    • Male: 4.6-6.2 million/mm 3
    • Female: 4.2-5.5
  18. White blood cells (WBCs) normal levels?
  19. The different urine collections are?
    • Random collection
    • Timed Collection

    • Collection from a Cosed Dainage System
    • Sterile specimen
    • Clean void specimen
  20. Laboratory tests are ordered by to practioner to:
    • Detect and quantify future disease risk
    • Establish or exclude diagnoses
    • Assess the disease process severity & formulate prognosis
    • Guide intervention selection
    • Monitor the progress of this disorder
    • Monitor tx effectiveness
  21. Nurse's responsibility in PREPARING a client for a general diagnostic procedure?
    • ensure ID band and understanding
    • identify allergies
    • baseline vitals
    • client teaching
  22. To ACCURATELY assess the client's diagnostic response
    • take vital signs before and after
    • procedures
  23. Arterial blood is drawn from?
    peripheral artery (i.e. radial or femoral) or from arterial line. page 607
  24. Before a procedure the nurse must?
    Obtain baseline vital signs & assess client's preparation for the test
  25. After a procedure, assess the client for
    procedural complication & prepare any nursing interventions
  26. Lumbar puncture (LP) is also known as a?
    Spinal tap
  27. A needle is inserted into the subarachnoid space to measure cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pressure and/or obtain a specimen is
    Lumbar puncture
  28. For a lumbar puncture keep the client flat in bed after specimen is obtained for
    3-24 hours
  29. timed collection is also known as:
    24 hour urine collection
  30. steps for bone marrow aspiration
    • explain procedure
    • postion client
    • instruct that pressure will be felt during aspiration
    • remain in bed for 1 hour
    • monitor
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