1. SATA: Erikson’s psychosocial stage, autonomy vs shame
    • Greater sense of personal control
    • Toilet training
  2. Piaget’s, think logically about concrete events, what’s the name of stage
    concrete operational stage
  3. Fill-in: fraud; name psychosexual stages in chronicle order
    • Oral
    • Anal
    • Phallic
    • Latent
    • Genital
  4. Fill-in: ________ describes these feelings of wanting to possess the mother and the desire to replace the father
    Oedipus complex
  5. The child also fears that he will be punished by the father for these feeling, a fear Fraud termed,
    castration anxiety
  6. Fill-in: _______ are a set of functional skills or age-specific tasks that most children can do a
    certain age rage
    developmental milestone
  7. 8 month infant, the nx should provide which toy to promote infants cognitive development
  8. Stranger anxiety happens at what age rage?
    8-15 months
  9. What is consider normal for a 3 month old
    able to lift head when on stomach
  10. SATA: 8 month old, what can he/she do?
    • Social smile
    • Crawl
    • Sit up without support
  11. 16 month old toddler is in the hospital, what is it that the parents do that help u know that they understand how to minimize separation anxiety
    stays with child during hospital stay
  12. 20 month old child, what safety issue would nx expect to discuss with parents?
    Child is eating raw carrots
  13. The nx should expect a 3 yr old to perform which actions
    Ride a tricycle
  14. A father of a 4 year old is concern that his child has imaginary friends, the nx should
    tell the father that this type of action is normal for pre-schooler
  15. The mother has asked what immunization was given at birth
    hep b
  16. Four 6 month old kids come for a DPT, Which child can get a shot?
    A child with a runny nose
  17. A nx is going to teach the mother of a 12 months old infant expresses concern about thumb sucking, the Nx teaches about thumb sucking, what response by the mother indicated she understands
    sucking is important to the baby
  18. 22 month old toddler, when scolded, toddler gets angry but wants to be held. What best interpretation for this behavior
    this is normal behavior for a 2 y/o
  19. Which statement by the toddler’s mother needs further teaching for toilet training
    “I should give bladder training before bowel training”
  20. A mother of a 2 y/o child who has epiglottis has be hospitalized, said she has to get her older
    child from school, the 2 y/o hears that, the child starts to have a strider cry, what intervention by the nx is best?
    ask the mother is there is anyone else who can meet the older child
  21. Calculation: 11 month old infant, wt: 10 kg. Digoxin 0.01 mg/kg in divided dosages every 12 hours. How much is giver per dose

    0.01x 10kg = 0.1mg/hr /2 = 0.05mg/dose
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